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BOTD 1/30/16 "Nicholas Comes To Stay - PART 2" Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

Nicholas Comes To Stay - Part 2
A Memory Man Production

Please refer to Part 1 at (

Following the helicopter incident the boys friendship developed into the sort of close bond that can only be engendered by deep mutual trust and respect.

Ronald and Nicholas - 12
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Nick was a personable kid who quickly became part of the family and apparently blended seamlessly into Ron's circle of friends.  Life in the house certainly became much more lively than of late;  they seemed to share the same sense of humour and devilment ..............although they were frequently pushing up towards the spanking threshold they only crossed it twice more during the month when Nick, despite his inexperience uncomplainingly showed his true grit. The first time they caught just a moderate spanking for a curfew violation but the second was much more serious...................  You were at the beach and they ignored your instruction to stay and mind the gear while you took a walk to the kiosk.  When you returned you found that not only had they had left your the stuff unattended but, weak swimmers as they were, were in the water totally unsupervised.  That one brought the strap down from its hook when you got home.

On the last afternoon of Nick's stay you took them both down to the Harbour Bar for a farewell Knickerbocker Glory.  Nick was uncharacteristically quiet as he spooned his.  On finishing it he sighed and turned sadly towards his Aunt. "Thanks for having me, Ron is my very best friend now I've had such a great time here that I don't want to go home."

"We've enjoyed having you too."  She replied leaning over and pulling him into a hug. "You are welcome to come and stay with us any time."  Then Nick turned to you with a little grin .............."And thanks for only spanking me twice. If Mum had been around I'd probably have been grounded for half the holiday" and you both laughed.  

You returned home and started helping him pack his things, he was rather subdued and suddenly turned to you "Uncle! PLEASE don't tell them you've spanked me.  Mum's dead against it and I'm scared that if she finds out she won't let me stay here again."  

"No don't you tell them Dad" Ron pleaded in support.  
You were a little taken aback but after a moment's thought you reassured him "She won't find out from me and I'll have a word with your Aunt about it."

After eating they went out together for Nick to take leave of his new found friends.  They were out a long time and you were getting worried when they finally rolled in 40 minutes after their curfew time. (later than 15 minutes without a call triggers an automatic spanking)   Ron started pleading with you "Oh c'mon Dad, SO it took longer than we thought, you can't spank us on Nick's last night."

You look at Nick who just hangs his head  "Sorry Uncle; we should have called to let you know shouldn't we?"

Is there about to be a farewell spanking?  If so will it be hard enough to bring on real tears?

Also - how will you phrase your end of term report when the inevitable question is asked tomorrow.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I don't think I need to give a memorable spanking, but forty minutes is a long time to leave me worrying. This seems like another occasion for a couple of sharp licks with the strap.

As for the end of term report:

"Nick was a joy to have with us. No problems that we didn't get sorted out easily."



Ditto Kat. Or "I only had to whip him twice. Wink." Which most people would take as a joke rather than an admission.

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack them!


I don't consider there is a need for anything memorable in the circumstances even if it means Ron getting off lighter than he usually would. Plus, such a whipping might run the risk of his parents detecting something.

"Nick, you remember how you started off your stay with us?"

He looks quizzically at you for a few moments and then the penny drops and a half smile forms.

"Yes, uncle."

"Well, you're going to finish it in exactly the same way! The pair of you up to your room and I'll be right behind you."


I think Ivor hits just the right note, though I like Kier's 'joking' comment as well.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Kat and Kier.....

Hugs kal

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