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BOTD 02-09-2016 Sleeping Over - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

Jonah and Jacob are your sons and Eric and Derrick are your brother's sons.  The brothers and cousins are all very close.  You and your brother both use spankings with your sons and you each have mutual permission to spank nephews if needed.

You and your brother plan to take all four boys to a local amusement park tomorrow.  Eric and Derrick ask and you and your brother agree to sleep over at your place.  Your brother will meet you all in the morning.

The boys have mutual sleep overs often and they typically try to stay up all night usually falling out by 2:00 or 3:00.  However, since the boys need to be awake in the morning to go to the park you tell them they all need to be in bed at 11:00pm.  At 10:50 you send the horde off to brush teeth and hit the bed to much moaning and complaining.  The boys seem to be settled in bed by around 11:10 and so you turn in yourself.

At around 2:00am you hear noise from the family room and go to investigate and see:

(Right to Left) ERIC - 9 AND DERRICK - 10 (Nephews) JONAH - 11 AND JACOB - 10 (Sons)
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What happens?

Can you dig it?


The amusement park is cancelled... I'm not spending money on trooping tired, whiny kids around it and all...

My brother and I will stay at home watching TOP GEAR reruns and drinking beer while the kids fall asleep...



Basically, I agree with Stevie. Though I will postpone, rather than cancel (though the boys won't know that). They'll be shooed off to bed with some stingoors.


Editor Extraordinaire
Kids can find it really hard to sleep when they're excited. I can probably delay going to the amusement park so they can sleep in a little, but they need to go to bed and stay there. This sort of activity isn't conducive to sleep.



I'm with Kat....

As a kids who was to excited to sleep Christmas Eve and or like Kat said anything exciting I'm willing to shoo them back to the bedrooms and tell them that they have to stay in the rooms ...,

Hugs kal


Gee! I'm in agreement with Stevie! Laughing

That's almost as rare as agreeing with an Icono response cheers

Pi Beta

Assuming that they've not yet realised I've seen them, I'm quietly going to pick up a torch and then activate the trip switch, thereby turning off all electrical power in the house and wait for the reaction!

Covering myself with a white sheet and with the torch shining inside it, I'm going to appear as a ghost in the room. This will be a sleep-over they'll never forget - oh, and I'll then insist on an early breakfast and speedy departure in the morning to emphasise to them why I'd wanted them in bed earlier that they wished!


I'm going to order them to change back into their pj's and shoo them off into bed.

Then, at 7.30am, I'll burst into their room banging a saucepan lid with a loud cheery greeting

Wakey wakey, rise and shine
Hands off ................
  .......................(ooops! Wrong age group.)
Come along now
Its a beautiful morning
The sun is shining...
...and the birds are singing their songs........... I strip off their bed covers and motivate any slow movers with a few stingoors. Twisted Evil


I'm half way between Stevie and Kat

I'm shooing them off to bed, and letting them know that I'm not waking them in the morning.

If they're not up and ready to go, we're not going (tomorrow).

Otherwise, I'll apply my standard bedtime rules for the house (since it's not a school not, this would probably get them a warning and discussion here, rather than spankings).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm shooing them off to bed with stingoers and a warning of worse to come if they don't do as they're told. Then I like the idea of the rude awakening in the morning

David M. Katz

MemoryMan wrote:I'm going to order them to change back into their pj's and shoo them off into bed.

For kids here: those are their PJs. Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I am going to join Jack who is settled in nicely between Stevie and Kat.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


David M. Katz wrote:I am going to join Jack who is settled in nicely between Stevie and Kat.


David M. Katz wrote:For kids here: those are their PJs. Very Happy

That's what I thought. lol

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