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BOTD 02-10-2016 Fractious Fractions - A Squarecutter Production

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A Squarecutter Production

10 year old Jody got caught sitting on a classmate and punching him in the face when his teacher returned after leaving the classroom for a few minutes. They were tackling sums involving fractions. His mother was called and when Jody was forced to admit he threw the first punch refused to say why. The Principal sent Jody home for the day(they don't do paddling there)BUT Jody knows YOU will if you think a school sanction didn't cover it though it very rarely happens

After being confined to his room, still not saying anything, he finally said, "I told Brad to get his face out of my book and do his own work but he kept looking so I thumped him. He grabbed me and we ended up on the floor and that's when the teacher came back. Brad's not saying as he don't want to admit to cheating. So he just gets away with detention."

JODY - 10
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How are you dealing with this?

Can you dig it?


Jody threw the first punch. He's old enough to use words, not fists, to communicate.

I think the school sanction covers the misbehavior. I think this is a good time to reiterate that civilized people use words, not fists, whenever possible to resolve conflicts. And the secondary lesson is that life isn't always fair. We'll talk about how he might have handled the situation better.


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I'm with Kier.


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Sorry to say but he will be getting his spanking for doing the hitting, we will talk about the best way to have handled it.

The next day I will be going to the school so he can explain the whole situation as I do think all parties involved need to know what happened and I think I'll be asking for these two be seated apart

Hugs kal


Kier has summed the situation up nicely or me.

I'll consider writing/emailing the school to explain the facts, but not sure if I shouldn't just let sleeping dogs lie.


It's a storm in a teacup.  

Jody DID use words in the first instance, but they were ineffective. We don't know Brad's reply but he kept on looking so Jody used the only alternative a 10yo knew to grassing.

We'll discuss the present outcome and Jody's perception of the unfairness of it all.  I quite like Kal's idea of going to the school in the morning; but since Jody appears to have rejected the idea of grassing I'll only do it with his agreement.

At least I can be proud that my boy has shown the steel that will make it unlikely he will ever be a victim of bullying.

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I don't think this is the place to answer violence with violence - albeit controlled and proportionate, so it will be a discussion about how else he could and should have handled it. It's important that the teacher should know that Brad is having to cheat to get right answers (at least, I assume that he's copying from Jody because Jody gets them right!); Brad needs extra help to cope with the work himself.

If I know Brad's parents well, I think I'll start by having a word with them and, with their agreement, making a joint approach to the teacher so that it isn't Jody "doing the grassing". If the parents are uncooperative, I'll stick to asking the teacher to ensure that the two boys no longer sit by each other - and maybe give him/her a clue by suggesting that Brad should sit by a pupil who struggles in the subject (so if he still tries copying, his inability will be discovered and he'll get the help he needs).


I like Pis answer but if it happens again Jody will understand I will go to Kals and use the paddle. And yep, separate these two so if Brad has a problem with Maths it will be exposed.


What bothers me is that it sounds like Jody had won the fight, but kept hitting Brad. We will talk about appropriate and controlled responses, but I don't see that a spanking is going to help this. More importantly, he might not have wanted to accuse Brad of cheating, but he should have said something (he kept bugging me and messing with my book, so I shoved him away) to make it clear that he had not been the instigator. I think he and I will have a talk with the principal tomorrow.

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