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BOTD 2/20/16 "Out Of Sight" A Jack Production

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1 BOTD 2/20/16 "Out Of Sight" A Jack Production on Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:31 pm

David M. Katz

A Jack Production

Your son, Kevin, is a freshman in high school.

After some behavior issues last year, he's been doing pretty well this year.  Last year was hard on both of you, and Kevin had many a sore butt, along with trials of other forms of discipline.  There were times when it seemed like nothing but a sore butt would get his attention.

A couple of weeks ago, you were contacted by the principal at the high school.  Kevin had been sent to the office for 'possession of a weapon.'  The principal decided to handle the matter as a 'look alike', rather than an actual weapon, and Kevin received the minimum punishment.  However, the principal made it very clear the item was not to make a return to the school.

You'd never seen the item in question, and you thank the principal for taking the easy route.

Kevin -14 - and his 'belt buckle'.
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Kevin thinks it's unfair that he was punished at all, and you make it clear that you agree with the principal, that you would have never allowed him to have anything like that if you'd known, and that you're tempted to wear him out when the two of you get home.  He's rather sullen, but he's also learned when not to push.  He reluctantly gives you the belt buckle, and you throw it away.

Today, you manage to leave work a bit early, and arrive to find Kevin shirtless, playing basketball...  And yes, that is the belt buckle you threw away a couple of weeks ago.  It turns out Kevin never quit wearing it, but just stopped tucking his shirt in.

Is it time to take the buckle off the belt, or something else?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
If Kevin lives in Texas, that belt buckle might be in violation of more than a school rule. Oh, the irony of a state that permits open carry, while at the same time having a list of non-firearm weapons that are not allowed, which includes brass knuckles. Considering that people were arrested in New York City for their fashion rings, purchased at department stores, I'm not risking him getting arrested. That he's wearing it as a belt buckle might or might not be a defense. I wouldn't make any bets.

He's toast. Besides, it's flat-out disobedience. Furthermore, his continuing to wear it to school, even with his shirt concealing, makes me wonder if he wants to be expelled or assigned to an alternative campus. The buckle is coming off the belt; then I'm using the belt to wear him out.



I agree with Kat entirely. As much as I normally avoid using the belt, it's just too appropriate in this case. And maybe when we're through dealing with the disobedience, we'll sit down and look up the laws, so he can see what he's actually messing with, and how kind the principal really was.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I must agree with Kat & Jack.

What an appropriate illustration of the sad reality that despite what the politicians would like to have us believe we no longer live in a free society.

Those same politicians in thrall to the lobbying of myriad self interest groups and the financial muscle of big business such as the arms industry relentlessly pick away piecemeal at our freedoms; these days mostly skilfully disguised under an anti-terrorism wrapper until today even "free speech" has been consigned to history.

Oh for those days when I went to school to be taught by teachers using blackboards rather than chalkboards and could freely wander around in my scout uniform (or not) with my sheath knife fastened to my belt.  

Poor Kevin. Sad


It is purely and simply blatant disobedience.

I'm taking the belt and then I'm using it on his butt.


I agree with Kat and Jack. Kevin has seriously disobeyed and is in danger of being caught in a crime. I have to deal with it


Ditto Kat and Jack.....

Hugs kal


I'll join the chorus on this one!! It is indeed appropriate that it is THIS belt that burns his tail! He outright disobeyed my orders AND by hiding it under his shirt, effectively lied to me. He's going to get my version of the Deluxe session (12 VERY well laid on) as a reminder that the ol' man means no when he says so (which really isn't all that often!).

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