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BOTD 03-09-2016 Nick's Negotiations - A Kat Production

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Nick’s Negotiations
A Kat Production

You’re about to remarry, creating a blended family with children: your own eleven year old, Geoff, and your betrothed’s 13 year old, Nick. You and your soon-to-be-spouse Chris want to reconcile your differing approaches to discipline. You’re a spanker, while Chris has relied on non-cp options. The two of you decide that you will share responsibility for discipline, each of you relying on what you’re comfortable with. Geoff accepts the announcement quietly. Nick, on the other hand, isn’t happy that he will now be subject to spankings from you, despite having a good relationship with you. After some discussion, Nick indicates that he is open to the idea, but only if you promise not to give him bare bottom, otk spankings like those you give Geoff. He has in mind school-style swats over his clothes.

Nick - 13 and Geoff - 11
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What compromises are you willing to make to win Nick’s cooperation?

Can you dig it?


Simple, the first time Nick steps out of line I will ground him, but I will just tell him that if he would rather get spanked in the manner I do to Geoff, both now and in the future, all he needs to do is just ignore the grounding and take off!

I doubt he will even make 2 hours before he decides he is done with being grounded!!



I like Icono's solution.


At issue to me is that Nick is now presumably into adolescence and Geoff at 11 will be soon. If Nick has never been spanked bare I'm not sure now is the time to start. To judge it sounds like he may have had school swats since he seems ready to accept those. So my compromise is that  Nick will be paddled over his underpants over my knee till impractical when he can lean over some furniture school style. In the interests of equity Geoff will be dealt with the same though for now could be subject to either hand or paddle till he is 13 or until I feel hand spanking through underpants isn't getting the job done. Thus I hope we will have a firm deterrent, but it it will be fair and also take care of the issue of dignity which I am sure is the main worry for Nick. I will of course point out to Nick that school type swats could hurt more than over the knee but initially unless he fights that too much that is how we will go


I understand Nick's objections to being spanked bare, especially as he is not my natural son. On that basis paddle on underwear seems like a fair compromise which of course will also have to apply to Geoff. Whether he will regard that as a good arrangement remains to be seen....

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I'll go along with Nick's wishes. Blending two families requires a lot of give and take (no pun intended regarding spanking!), and this is one I think I should be prepared to concede - and I'll give my natural son the same choice.


I like Icono's neat idea. It should be especially effective if they get into trouble together and Geoff gets spanked..................

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