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BOTD 3/11/16 What You Don't Know" An Anonymous Production (Poo Alert)

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David M. Katz

What You Don't Know and All...
An Anonymous Production

You have two sons - Terrance, 18, and Gerald, 16.

Due to the cost of housing in the Greater Toronto Area, the two boys share a bedroom in your apartment. They're not overjoyed with this, but almost all of their friends are in the same situation and they make the best of it, although there is an occasional spat which requires your intervention.

Today, Gerry has the room to himself since Terry is on an overnight school field trip... he won't be back until next afternoon.

Accordingly, Gerry and his closest friend, Arnold, have disappeared into the bedroom... they say they are going to study biology together and you don't think there is any need to interfere.

Gerry and Arnold ( 16 ) on the back step of your small townhouse (with Arnold's puppy).
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You are pretty sure that your younger son is gay and that the relationship between the two boys is not purely one of friendship, but since he has not brought the subject up you have not yet forced the issue. You have repeatedly tried to intimate that you would have no difficulty with his sexuality; the real problem is with Arnold's parents who belong to a particularly homophobic sect of evangelical Christianity.

Suddenly, you hear shouts and screams of disgust coming from the bedroom...

It seems that the boys decided to try anal intercourse for the first time, but without proper knowledge and preparation it has all gone horribly wrong: Arnold has had a large and messy accident all over both boys and the bed. Worse, it is the lower bunk - which is actually Terry's bed - and in their panic, they have managed spread the damage over a quite a wide area in the room. Another complication arises from the fact that their clothes, which were hastily piled on the floor, have been soiled as well.

It is quite evident from the horrified reactions of the two boys that they are absolutely not into scat...

Furthermore, under Canadian law, anal intercourse (both heterosexual and homosexual)  is illegal between persons under the age of eighteen... if Arnold's parents find out about this peccadillo, there could actually be charges laid in the matter (depending on the attitude of the Crown Attorney for the area).

How do you deal with the various messes presented here?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I am going to help the boys clean up and Arnold can borrow some clothes from Gerry while his are in the wash. I will offer any needed advice and counsel. What happens at my house stays at my house.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think Katz has got this. K Club.



K Club


I'll join the K's


Think DK has the only one and possible answer

Y Lee Coyote

Just add -- no questions; reminder that big bro is not here to know.

And most important -- absolutely, positively no diaper jokes.



Kai joins the K Club too.


Very Happy Kal is going to join the "K" club also

Hugs kal

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