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BOTD 18 March 2016 - The Foolproof Plan - a DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Rodney and Dan are your sons. Their best friends are Paul and Garrett. The boys have been friends since they were babies as you and your spouse and Paul's and Garrett's parents were all friends in college. Paul and Garrett live in your neighborhood just two streets over so all of the boys are frequent visitors at both houses. All of the boys are subject to spanking if needed and both sets of parents have mutual spanking permission. You have spanked Paul and Garrett before and your boys have been spanked by their parents.

A local band is playing a free concert at a local beach on a floating stage. All of the boys want to attend but you and your spouse and your son's friend's parents all veto the idea. The band is known for lyrics not appropriate for the boys' age group. This band has played some other free concerts in the area and they all became spots for easy drug use and drinking and police activity. If that weren't enough the beach is a bit too far and requires a bike ride through some heavy traffic.

The boys devise a plan. Your sons tell you they are spending the day at Paul's and Garrett's house and Paul and Garrett tell their parents they are spending the day with Rodney and Dan. This is common so neither you or the other parents think it is necessary to check it out. Instead the boys head to the beach.

It just so happens that you and your spouse need to do some shopping as do Paul's and Garrett's parents. You all run in to each other at the grocery and you all casually inquire as to how your sons are doing. You all then realize that the boys are not where they said they would be. You all immediately start calling cell phones but none of the boys answer. Naturally you are all concerned and worried. You all agree to check some of their regular hang outs. The other parents agree on some locations to check and you and your spouse agree to others. Your spouse then remembers the concert so you all head to the beach.

You arrive and see:

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It is early and the show has not started yet.

What do you do?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Busted. My two are coming home, and I'd imagine the same is true for the others. I'm not concerned with them "being embarrassed" because all 4 are about to dance to the same tune....

This is deliberate, disrespectful disobedience, and dangerous to boot, given the history of drug abuse at these concerts. They're all toast.


Witith Kier all the way. Bang to rights. Respective parents will be dealing with their own boys at their own homes. A belt awaits for ours for all the broken rules and disobedience and lies told


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going to give them the worst punishment that they can imagine: my spouse and I are going to join them for the concert.


David M. Katz

Kat wrote:I'm going to give them the worst punishment that they can imagine: my spouse and I are going to join them for the concert.


Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Is this concert by the Stones?

Rather like Kat's idea. I'm sure if we sat down with then they'd soon find somewhere else they preferred to be. Smile

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