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BOTD - 19 March 2016 - Animal Cruelty? A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Marlon is your twelve year old son. Marlon has a fascination for small creatures and insects and enjoys studying them. Sadly, Marlon has been careless in his study of creatures in the past and, after a small toad died while Marlon had it in captivity, you told Marlon he could no longer capture his subjects but needed to study them in their natural surroundings. That was last week.

Today Marlon found a type of lizard he had not seen before and couldn't resist.

Here is Marlon with the lizard:
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You were not aware at the time what Marlon was doing. Marlon has since gone off to hang out with some friends and you go out to the patio and find the lizard in the jar. The poor creature isn't looking good but you are able to release it and it seems to recover and scamper off.

Marlon is now home.

What do you do?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Teach Marlon what it's like to be stuck in a prison and all...

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He disobeyed me, so some sort of punishment is in order. I'm not sure a spanking is the best response. Perhaps the best thing is to confine him to his room for the weekend so that he can spend the time researching the proper care of some of the animals he likes to study and writing a report. Then maybe he'll have a better understanding of why I made my rule. I'll consider helping him make or purchase proper cages for a few creatures so that he can indulge his interest without harming the subjects of it.



I consider Kat's answer makes good logical sense as it combines elements of both punishment and learning.


I agree with Kat as well. With the twist that he is only allowed out of his room for bathroom breaks and SCHEDULED meals, no snacks. Maybe then he'll understand.

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Ditto Kat. Perhaps if he is to be provided with some animal pet, it should be one that will be capable of audible protest if it is neglected.


I think Kat has an excellent solution for our budding Darwin

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