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BOTD 3/25/16 "Impounded I-pad" A John Ross Production

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David M. Katz

Impounded I-pad
A John Ross Production

You have a 12 year old son named Sam. While you have found spanking with the belt works the best with him, you do incorporate other forms of discipline such as loss of privileges such as TV, computer, game system and I-pad.

Recently you took away Sam's I-pad because he was failing a class at school because he spent time on the tablet rather than studying. You put it in your closet where you think Sam doesn't know where it is. You come in from work and go to your room and see a stool left out in front of your closet you look and the I-pad is gone. You walk down the hall to Sam's room and see this.

Sam - 12
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When you ask him he says he needed it for a school project and since you weren't home he thought you wouldn't mind because it's for school. You look and he is on YouTube which he insists is part of a school project.

Do you let it go, or do you take him back to your closet to take out the belt?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I want to know exactly HOW it's part of a school project. If it, in fact, is, he gets a pass (other than a scolding and an insistence he ASK first next time should this recur). If he's lying--he'll be getting the mother of all spankings, at least for his 12 years.


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K Club rules


I suppose the only 'good' thing is that he hasn't smuggled it off to school.......

But that isn't going to save him from renewing his acquaintance with the belt after which I expect he'll be laying the same way on the bed once more


He's definitely in for the belt. A good, long trip.


I want him to show me the work on his school project and how the IPAD fits in. Otherwise its the belt especially as he will have added lying to breaking his restriction


David M. Katz wrote:you do incorporate other forms of discipline such as loss of privileges such as TV, computer, game system and I-pad.
Even if it was for school, he could use the computer for doing so.


I'm along for the ride.

I can see plenty of ways a youtube video could work into a school project, so if he give a good explanation, I'll let it go with a warning of proper proced....

Wait a second - going into my room without permission is a spanking offense anyway! Bare that bottom, boy. You're getting a good hand spanking for that, then we'll decide if we need the belt as well. Twisted Evil

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I do not see how Sam can do his schoolwork in today's world without access to a computer or I-pad (or similar device)! Because he knows I expect him to do his schoolwork, of coarse he retrieved his I-pad, I should have never left without returning it. No punishment,



I'm in with the k club and with jack!

Hugs kal

John Boy

Ditto to the K-club

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