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BOTD 3/26/16 "Working For It" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Josh is your fourteen year-old son.  Josh is still spanked if needed but his last spanking was almost a year ago.

This morning Josh came to you and asked for some money.  A game he has been wanting has gone on sale and he wants to buy it.  You counter with the offer to let Josh do some chores to earn the money.  Josh enthusiastically agrees to the idea and so you and he make a list of chores.  Besides some basic yard and garden work Josh is to wash your car and your spouse's car.

Josh finishes the yard work and starts on the cars.  He is working on your spouse's car when you look out and see:

JOSH - 14
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You go out and ask Josh to not get on the cars as you are afraid he might cause some damage.  He agrees.  Josh finishes your spouse's car and then washes yours.  Josh reports he is finished with the list so you pay him and offer a ride to the store so he can make his purchase.  Josh quickly changes and you all are on your way.

As you are driving you note a dent in your hood that would match your son's foot.  You ask Josh if he climbed on your car while washing it. Josh quietly answers, "Just a little; it was easier to reach the top.  I tried to be careful but I almost slipped off and so I stepped a little hard to keep from falling."

What happens?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Well, he disobeyed but tried to do a proper job. It was an accident. Nothing but burning ears for not telling me immediately.

A dent in the hood can usually be repaired by PDR.


Ditto Pad. Unless there was an easily accessible stepladder, how else was he supposed to reach that area? ;-)


AFinch wrote:Ditto Pad.  Unless there was an easily accessible stepladder, how else was he supposed to reach that area? ;-)

I agree Kier!!



Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Padraig and Co.



It appears to be unanimous today Smile

John Boy

Burning ears and I think next week he can do extra chores again to show his remorse for damaging my hood.

Emlyn Morgan

Hmm.  In my professional life in the British car manufacturing industry I was taught from my first apprenticeship days not even to touch a body panel.  They are costly. Finger marks are a sackable offence.  Dents?  Don't even think about it!

I still do not touch car panels, not even with a silk handkerchief.  I open and close doors by the handle.

We have photo evidence that this boy had his feet on the bonnet! I'm going to whack Josh very hard indeed, pants down and plenty of it.

Y Lee Coyote

It is unreasonable to expect safe work practices (both for the car and washer) when proper equipment is NOT provided.  A less then full grown lad needs a proper ladder and washing equipment with long handles.

I certainly would prefer a dent in my car than in my son!

And EM, it is not possible to wash a car without touching it.


Emlyn Morgan

Y Lee Coyote wrote:

And EM, it is not possible to wash a car without touching it.


Mais oui! On dit: "Rachid. Lave cette voiture." ! Smile


I will let it slide but I suspect Josh might lose pay if he damaged a car he was cleaning. I hope this will be a warning


Either he's done this before, and I should have known how he does it, or he's not done it before, and I didn't bother to give proper instructions.

I'm going to let him know that he does deserve a proper hiding for disobeying me - if he HAD to get on the car after being told he was not to do so, he should have checked with me. On the other hand, he was all wet and soapy, and I apparently wasn't available, so I'll give him a pass this one time, while remembering to provide proper tools next time.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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