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BOTD 3/27/16 "Egg Hunt Good Boy" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your ten year old son, Peter, went to the community Easter egg hunt.  You went to watch.

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The egg hunt is finished and Peter sees two younger boys crying because they found no eggs.  You watch as Peter divides his eggs between the two boys.  Peter now has no eggs but seems very happy.

What do you do for your good boy?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Happy easter everyone.

I won't say anything if he's still happy when we leave without eggs. Then we'll stop for some ice cream. If not, I will congrat him for his good heart and stop for some ice cream. Or something like that. Very Happy

Do I really have such a good boy? Embarassed

An Easter Basket is waiting for him at home anyway.


oh mi god... I've raised a socialist pinko as a son...

I'm going to take his trousers down and beat him until he learns the error of his communistic ways...


Editor Extraordinaire
I like the way Padraig is thinking. By ten, Peter probably doesn't care that much about eggs. As long as he has his Easter basket with plenty of goodies, I'm sure he won't have cause to regret his good deed.



Yes, I think a trip to Danny's Diner is called for.  Very Happy


I hope Peter gets plenty of eggsanyway. I think after Easter I will let Peter pick something out at the toy store as a reward. What a fine young man


We're having a hunt here this morning, but it's mostly for a few little prizes. Everyone has a little basket of candy eggs that's all theirs. As that's the case, Peter won't be missing out on himself, and he's obviously feeling good about himself, so I'll just let him know that I'm proud of him, and we'll head home.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Pad and Kat

Emlyn Morgan

Chicken's eggs are 1 dirham (7p) each here: 2 dirhams boiled from Abdel-Kader who sells them around the bars.

Has that boy given them all away? I'm going to whack him!

Y Lee Coyote

It certainly is not fair to use the excessive price charged for one egg at a time with immediate delivery with the price for buying in quality during normal business hours.

Although it could apply to spanks, I don't think that "It is better to give than receive." was intended for that but for acts of generosity and charity.  Empathy and compassion surely should be rewarded.



Peter has done a good deed involving self deprivation and he seems very happy about it.

I am happy too and I'll enhance his by praising him and letting him know how proud I am of him.

What I will NOT do is debase his feelgood euphoria by offering some tawdry little compensatory award.

A proud dad has a multitude of covert indirect ways to reward a good deed.

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