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BOTD 03-31-2016 In Position? - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Gavin is your thirteen year old son and is spanked if needed.  

Gavin has been wanting to color his hair but you have not allowed him to do so.  It is not against the school dress code; you simply have a strong aversion to it.  You have told Gavin, in no uncertain terms, several times that anything but his natural hair color is out of the question.

School is out for spring break and Gavin was looking a bit shaggy (in your opinion) so you gave him some money and told him to go get a hair cut. You went to work.  Gavin added some of his allowance savings to what you gave him and asked the hair stylist for something special in addition to the cut.  You came home and saw this:

GAVIN - 13
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The thing about reading while stretched out over the stools is just one of Gavin's quirks that he likes and you are used to.

But . . . is his bottom in the perfect position for you to express your feelings about his hair?

Can you dig it?


Not sure I could resist so tempting a target.

But if it's not against the school's dress code, I think there are some battles not worth fighting. If I fail to make a fuss, I'm betting Gavin will quickly tire of the look AND the effort required to maintain it.

I think it's worth a discussion, but not a full spanking.


I think I'll just start calling him "Daisy" Twisted Evil


Kier could well be right about the likelihood of the look just fading away if I don't make a fuss. I think I'll let him know I'm not happy and give him a pass this time.


Tempting it is but 2 problems

1 it looks a bit high
2 I'm not sure there is enough support for the abdomen in a proper spanking.

I might give him one hand swat to get his attention for the telling off that follows and then bring him down to ground level. I sent him to get a haircut not a pink tint or any other kind of tint and expressly forbade that. whats more he still looks shaggy to me so he can pay for the next cut out of his pocket money. His next balancing act will be over my lap where he will receive a firm paddling with full support before during and after


The way I read this, he paid for the haircut with my money, and the dye with his own. If I, for instance, gave him a twenty for a $12 haircut, then he's going to have to find a way to pay me back the rest of the money. If he only spent my money for it's intended purpose, that's not an issue.

The real issue here, and one I hope I'll realize myself, is how much control I want to demand over my son's every thought and move. He's 13 now. That's hardly an adult, but he wants to start making his own decisions. When I was a kid, it seemed like every haircut I got started with a fight with my parents. The summer I was 12, when hair down over the ears was the norm, my step-father used a pair of dog trimmers to give me what was basically a buzz (after promising he wouldn't), and I spent the next several months being teased about it.

Even though I have to look at it, it's his head, and it's not permanent, so I hope I have the since to not make a huge deal about it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier on this. Jack also gives an excellent analysis of why this is a battle I won't pick.


Y Lee Coyote

Hope that my smart ass boy is just having fun and teasing me with a temporary, wash right out dye job.


Of course he is.  <lol>

Emlyn Morgan

No. I've changed my mind. Now I like the hair coloured. Cool

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