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BOTD 4/1/16 "BFTP - 1950 - AWOL Andy" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

The year is 1950.  You happen to be out in town headed for lunch when you see your twelve year old son, Andy. Andy does not know you have seen him

ANDY - 12
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Andy is supposed to be at school.  Also, he and some friends from his class are playing for pennies. Andy is skipping school and gambling.

Do you approach your son now?  If so, do you take action now or wait until you are home this evening?  If you do take action, what action do you take?  And, what about his friends?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


1950? I'm taking him home, probably by the ear. I'm also taking his friends, dropping each of them at their respective houses with an explanation, from me, to their stay-at-home mothers. I'm not going to worry about any of them being "embarrassed". They're busted, and they know what their almost certain fate is going to be.

Andy can agonize over what will happen to him when we get home while I drop each of his friends off. By the time he gets his very memorable spanking, it will be anticlimactic.


I'm with Kier , Think that razor strop will get used for its alternative purpose.

And if the school want to deal with the truancy I wont stand n their way


As it's 1950 I reckon Kier's answer is very much on the money.


Since its 1950 and we appear to be in a slum (oops - deprived/underprivileged) environment I'm not about to divert away from my liquid lunch to deal with Andy now.

I don't give a toss about his pals but I've told him again and again that he needs to stick in with his schooling if he's going to get a rung or two up the ladder.

When he gets home the strop will be waiting to take his arse way through red to purple.

Pi Beta

I'm grabbing him by the ear and taking him straight to the school. Once the head has caned him across his trousers for truancy, I'll ask to borrow the cane, order Andy to take down his trousers and underwear (if we can afford any!) and give him double what the head has already delivered.


Editor Extraordinaire
I take him and his friends back to school and deal with him later. If I'm on my lunch break, I don't have time for much else. How I deal with him at home depends a lot on what the school does. I imagine he'll have a sore bottom from being paddled, so I'll probably reignite the blaze with a sound spanking.


Emlyn Morgan

Ah, yes, 1950.  I was four.  I have one or two memories of things which I now realise must have happened before I started infants' school at five.  I don't remember such nice pullovers as Andy's.

I remember when Bransom was all in black and white.  Sad

If I live as long as Ronnie Corbett, who died this week, Crying or Very sad  I've got another fifteen short years.  Short, gedditt?  Smile

Anyway, I'm going to whack that boy, Andy.

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Stevie is afraid that most Americans won't get the Ronnie Corbett joke...


Ditto kier.........

Hugs kal


StevieWeeks wrote:Stevie is afraid that most Americans won't get the Ronnie Corbett joke...

Ah Ronnie Corbett. Part of my childhood gone. Not sure if the 2 Ronnies got to the States. What Would they make of the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town. Ive never been so> urggh

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