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BOTD 04-06-2016 Big Boy or Wee Jessie? A Squatercutter Production

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A Squarecutter Production

You and your family are from Scotland and recently you took up a new role at your company's offices in Texas which came with a promotion. Your 12 year old boy, Ronnie, has taken to the change like a duck to water and has started at the local middle school in the suburb you moved into. Ronnie has made friends easily and the picture was taken when, amid much good natured teasing, Ronnie wore his traditional kilt to show and tell.

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All was well until this Ronnie handed you this note:

Several boys, including your son, were caught roughhousing in the gym changing room after a lesson and, according to school rules, are due punishment as important safety rules were breached. You may either agree to - receiving 3 swats with the paddle or a Saturday morning punishment of no less than 2 hours. Please return this note with your chosen option as soon as possible ...

The thing is, in Scotland,  corporal punishment was abolished years ago and you last spanked Ronnie when he was 10. You knew Texas was different but hadn't given it much thought. However, when you tell Ronnie he will be doing detention he begs you to let him take the swats.

"Dad, I'm with the big boys now and I'm as guilty as the rest. All the other guys are going to have the paddle. Most of them have had it before and survived. They'll just see me as a wee Jessie if I do detention, especially after they saw me in my kilt"

Is this a cultural experience you want for Ronnie?

Can you dig it?

Y Lee Coyote

The swats will be easy compared to the tormenting Ronnie would have to endure for being a wimp/sissy/baby etc etc etc.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do....

I agree with Y Lee, especially as Ronnie has no issue with it.

David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:When in Rome, do as the Romans do....

I agree with Y Lee, especially as Ronnie has no issue with it.


If he really wants to prove he is not a wee Jessie then he should wear his kilt for the swats, especially if he wears it traditionally. Twisted Evil Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think I might ask around a bit to see how much consensus there is among the other parents about corporal punishment -- and also to make sure that cp is administered in a reasonable manner. I think I'll likely agree to Ronnie's preference.



Ditto Kat

Hugs kal


As the other boys involved have agreed to be paddled I have to presume that they don't consider it to be administered in such a way as to make detention a preferable option. I think Ronnie is right and it would indeed make him look a Jessie is you opted him out.

As for wearing his kilt in the traditional manner, well he would have something to show and the VP would definitely have something to tell afterwards..... Very Happy


Aye, de lad ain't no Jessie, for sure. He'll take da licks like ai gentleman, ya'll see.


Ronnie has committed a school offence and the school are offering alternative sanctions.

Ronnie can choose.

Emlyn Morgan

David M. Katz wrote:...he should wear his kilt for the swats, especially if he wears it traditionally.  Twisted Evil    Razz

After some experiences with a soldier in the Queen's Own Highland Regiment at the Inverness Games back in '82, I could actually tell you what goes on under the kilt!  Wink   But of course I will be properly discreet.   Cool

Anyway, I'm going to whack that boy whatever the school does.  He knows I brought my heavyweight taws.


If I'm acquainted with the parents of any of Ronnies new classmates then as Kat suggests , I might do a little research but I will probably accede to Ronnies request. I will tell him there will be no going back though




AFinch wrote:When in Rome, do as the Romans do....

I agree with Y Lee, especially as Ronnie has no issue with it.




StevieWeeks wrote:

Nice story. Reminds me of the running joke in the film "Carry on Up the Khyber" Not sure if those films made it stateside, they may be too English if you like. I suggest a look at You Tube if interested

Pi Beta

Ronnie's bottom = Ronnie's choice.

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