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BOTD 04-12-2016 In Charge of Andy - A Memory Man Production

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In Charge of ANDY
A Memory Man Production

You, Duncan, are the eldest of four sons of born to the Presbyterian minister on a remote Hebridean island.  Your father was strict and whenever you sinned his interpretation of the "Wrath of God" took the form of a tawse applied liberally to your bared doups.

Duncan (You) - 17
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You are now seventeen and having escaped the island regime you are continuing your studies in a large mainland town where you are boarding with a widow and her eleven year old son Andrew.  

Your host mothers you as though you were her own son and you return her kindness by helping her around the house and looking out for Andy who, lacking discipline since his father died just over a year ago, is proving to be a bit of a handful for his soft-hearted mother.  You don't have much in common with Andy but you help him with his school work and as he looks up to you and minds you, you recognise that although unruly, he is basically a decent kid and you start to warm to him.

There are times when you feel trapped in suburbia and at weekends you like to pack a lunch and catch a bus to get away to go for long solo walks exploring the nearby hills.  Andy has pestered to come with you a few times and you eventually agree to take him with you.  

ANDY - 11
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Andy's exuberance at the start of the walk kills any chances of you spotting wildlife and you become irritated as instead of walking with you he noisily skips around from rock to rock like a mountain goat.  On coming to a wooded area he disappears along a side track and things go blissfully quiet for a while - for too long a while - causing you alarm since there are old mine workings in the area.  You retrace your steps to the track and follow it calling anxiously all the time; you had only gone a little way when there is suddenly a bad imitation of a lion roaring right behind you.

Relieved and angry you spin round and wipe the silly grin off his face with an angry tirade ending with the remark "Running off alone like that in a wild place was a stupid dangerous trick and if I'd done that my dad would have pulled my pants down and whipped me raw."

You stride out in silence for the next hour with Andy almost running to keep up with you until you come to a vantage point that is ideal for a lunch break and you sit on a flat rock silently taking in the view.  Andy flops down nearby. You finish eating and Andy moves across to sit beside you.

"Dunc" he says hesitantly. "I'm sorry, really sorry"
"Dunc..... If you like er...your dad would have done can we be friends again?"
"Huh! You could certainly do with a good skelping but your mother would throw me out if I did that to her little darling"

Andy is fighting back tears as he looks at you and holds your gaze.

There's a catch in his voice as he whispers "She'll never know - - unless you tell her."  as he stands up and starts to unfasten his belt.

What will you do?  Do you stop him there .............or??

Can you dig it?


We'll talk. I don't think Andy needs to pay for my friendship with a beating. It may be worth a conversation with his mum about him craving some sort of discipline, but I'm not even giving him a hand swat over his short pants without his mother's express permission, assuming we are talking about the here and now.


Much as I might feel like I want to skelp him I know it would not be a good idea. Especially in this day and age if for no other reason than our age difference.

However, giving him a few swats across those shorts is another matter............


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier on this. Perhaps Andy does need discipline, though I really don't think his behavior merits the reaction I seem to have had. I'd say my own upbringing was overly strict and I need to put that into perspective before taking on the discipline of anyone else.



AFinch wrote:assuming we are talking about the here and now.

Even 45 years ago, when Stevie were a lad of 15, he would not have touched Andy's bottom with the proverbial bargepole...

Today... umm... Stevie has no desire to become a guest of Her Majesty and all...


Pi Beta

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I think him having torun to keep up with you is probably sufficient "punishment" since it seems he has read your reaction pretty accurately. It's up to him to raise the subject of his discipline with his mother - I'll be guided by her.


I am with Kat on this. I will simply ask him to be a little less hyper if I am to take him out again and I am sure he wouldnt want his mother to know he misbehaved (as I'm sure, gentle as she is, he wouldn't want her to know.) A playful swat on the shorts may not go amiss

David M. Katz

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Yes, I'll stop him there. Hopefully I realise I overreacted. It was probably the first time the little guy went for such a trip. How could he not be excited?

It's time to give him a good hug and maybe he will be ready to listen at a good talk about how he could behave better to make our lives easier.

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