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BOTD 04-20-2016 Your Spankings don't even hurt!

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Your Spankings Don't Even Hurt!

You recently married your spouse. (moved in about two months ago) Your spouse has an eleven year old boy who she sometimes spanks. Today Jacob was upset as your spouse told him to go to his room for a spanking.

Your spouse usually spanks Jacob with either her hand or a small wood spoon. (over his jeans).

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Your spouse is a little upset and tells you "I can't make the correct impression on that boy, will you give him a proper spanking today?" So far you have been an authority figure in Jake's life. You've even sent him to his room a few times, however you've never spanked him. (he respects you as his "real" other parent is not in the picture)

What do you do? What would be the proper spanking for Jacob?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

Jacob and I will talk so he will know what to expect and why I am doing this.

I will use that spoon but the jeans and undies are coming down and I will spank until real tears are flowing.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Katz.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
It's not for me to be the one to tell him - just by being the one who appears in his room to do the deed. My spouse is the one whom he has upset and been further upset by his comment, so she need to see him first to tell him that she is asking me to take over the task.

Once that has happened, I'll go and "negotiate" the format with him but not the severity which will depend upon how he has reacted first gto my spouse and then to me. I won't insist on a bared bottom, but those jeans will certainly come off.


Ditto Katz........

Hugs kal


Stevie thinks he needs to upgrade his implements a little:

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Stevie Twisted Evil

Y Lee Coyote

Have the spouse tell Jacob: "Go ask Dad for a proper spanking."

Then when he does we can have a talk about proper spanking (ie that hurt) or other punishments.

Incidentally, he may even be lying about Mom's spanking not hurting -- could be part of the discussion.



Editor Extraordinaire
I think Jacob is showing bravado. Spankings hurt, even over jeans. Reactions alone, particularly *before* he has been spanked, are not a reliable guide. Perhaps the best way of handling this situation is to take spankings off the table altogether if my spouse doesn't feel up to the task. There are plenty of other effective ways to discipline an 11-year-old boy. In any case, I don't intend to be thrust into this situation.



Some interesting different responses on this one.

I'm in Pi's camp. His mother has to tell him what is going to happen as he evidently considers her spankings to be nothing more than gnat bites. Then we'll see if he considers my use of the spoon over his undies is closer to wasp stings.


Clearly at 11 it is becoming harder for Mom to make the necessary impression. I thiknk though that we need first to agree between us on what force and modus operandi we need,and what my wife thinks appropriate. Bare, over underpants, paddle belt, hairbrush etc. Would my hand be effective. Then we need to tell this little man(together) whats in store as I dont want to wade in heavy handedly and end up being the monster here

For today I think that as he has been impertinent on top of whatever else he has done, I will suggest that that spoon over his underpants might be the thing. Whether he goes over my knee or takes it bent over his bed depends on where our relationship is but I need her approval and especially if trousers and/or even underpants are coming down


"Hey, Buddy."

"Where's Mom?"

"She's pretty upset that you said her spankings don't hurt. She wanted to find out how you thought mine feel."

"You're going to spank me?"

"I dunno. We're at least going to talk about it."

I will not be someone else's executioner - she's not going to make me the bad guy. If I'm going to be spanking him, then I'm the one who has final say on what he deserves. If she doesn't agree with that, I'll suggest she try a hairbrush, or spank just on boxers.

If Jacob does accept me, and he's used to being spanked, he and I will probably come to an agreement easily enough. We will discuss my childhood, and we'll probably discuss alternatives. In this case, unless there's something really major at the root of the problem, I think he's going to get either a free pass, or a relatively mild demonstration, and we'll start fresh from now.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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