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BOTD 04-26-2016 In the Closet - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

This is Andrew, your fourteen year old son:
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Andrew was last spanked two years ago when he was twelve.  You have never taken spanking off of the table - it just hasn't been necessary.  Andrew has always been a relatively compliant and well-behaved boy.  When he was spanked, you usually used your hand on his bare rear but, on the rare occasion that a serious message was needed, your mother's old sturdy hair brush on that same bare rear worked well. Andrew's last spanking was with that brush.

You are home today and Andrew is at school.  Andrew gives you a call.  He had a clumsy moment at lunch and he is now wearing most of his milk and mystery meat casserole on his shirt.  Andrew asks if you will please bring him a clean shirt.  The school is close by  and you have nothing pressing so you agree.

You go to your son's closet to get the fresh shirt and something on the shelf catches your eye.  Instinctively you reach up and retrieve:

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You have never used a paddle on Andrew and you had no idea he had such a thing in his closet.  

What do you do about your discovery?

Can you dig it?


Shut up and say nothing...

least said soonest mended...


Ditto Stevie. x100.

Pi Beta

I might ask him where he got his interest in Victorian Butter Pats from!

And see how he reacts...


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Stevie and Kier.


David M. Katz

Twisted Evil  I will take it to school with me when I deliver the shirt and use it to wear him out for messing up his shirt.  Twisted Evil   Oh . . . I shouldn't do that?  Razz

OK, OK, What about this:

I do see why Stevie, Kier and Kat want to leave it alone but I think there is good reason to have a discussion.

When Andrew gets home then we will have the uncomfortable conversation.

I am sure he has questions. I am also sure, at his age, he is confused by his feelings. I want to give him as much reassurance as I can. Also, and most importantly, I want to make sure that his activities and actions are SAFE and CONSENSUAL. We need to have that discussion as well.

Spanking is now definitely off of the table as a punishment.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm with those who are going to say nothing, although I do understand the point Katz is making.

What I don't know is whether Andrew is the top or the bottom and indeed whether the roles are interchangeable. Also it is fairly evident that whatever (if anything) is going on, is both consensual and at a fun level.


I think I can have a talk with Andrew sometime soon about 'alternate sexuality' and safety. It will probably be a good time to talk to him about a number of things he needs to know anyway. I can bring up BDSM as one of those things, and talk about how to be safe. If he wants to talk about it, fine. If not, at least I can be sure he hears some information he needs.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto jack.....I think it should be talked about

Hugs kal


He'd better not have used my credit card to buy that on the 'Net.

I like Pis comment as an opening gambit and then see if Andrew want to discuss, thats when he's stopped Embarassed

David M. Katz

I did like the idea of not saying anything but my concerns outweighed that desire. BUT, Jack has a great solution about bringing up a generic topic/discussion in a few days. That will allow me to address my concerns and preserve Andrew's privacy.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Am I sure that this paddle is not one from my own 'collection'?


Since I've not needed to spank Andrew in two years its unlikely he's a serious bottom, perhaps he just plays spanking games with his friends.  I did as a kid..

I'm not going to blunder in to confront and embarrass him for now, thus provoking evasion.  What I will do is, for his next minor transgression, remind him that he's not too old for a spanking and observe his reaction.  Then the time after that I'll actually bare and spank him.  

His reactions there should give me the clues I need to sensitively approach the paddle in the closet issue.

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