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BOTD May the Fourth Be with you 2016 - Happy Anniversary A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Today is your and your spouse's wedding anniversary.  You go in to work very early.  Your spouse sends your sons, nine year old Tyson and twelve year old Terry, off to the school bus stop as usual and then heads off to work.  Tyson and Terry have a surprise planned for you and your spouse.  They do not wait at the bus stop but instead they skip school.  They walk to the local grocery and use their saved allowances and birthday money to buy the needed supplies. They boys then head home.  First your sons hang up streamers and balloons and then set about making a special dinner, complete with cake, for your anniversary.

Because your shift starts early you always get home before the boys. The boys work hard and are putting on the finishing touches when you come in from work and find that your sons are already home.

Tyson - 9 and Terry - 12
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You ask what is going on and the boys admit that they skipped school (which will be confirmed once you see your email) so they could give you and your spouse a special dinner.

You take school attendance very seriously and skipping school is considered a major offense in your home.

What do you do?

*To clarify for this scenario:  the boys are not prohibited from cooking and can actually put together a rather decent meal.

Can you dig it?


I'm going to tell the boys it smells wonderful, then go to my room and get cleaned up. I'll see if I can head their mom off, until closer to when it's ready.

After dinner, and after they've had proper thanks, I'm going to ask them what they think will happen because of them missing school.

I think what's going to happen is that I'll make it very clear that skipping school is just not acceptable. I appreciate the fact that they couldn't ask me if it was okay, and still keep it a surprise, but it really needs to not happen again.

In the meantime, I'll have to talk it over with my partner to decide if giving them an excused absence is going to send the wrong example, or if they should have to accept their punishment from the school.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Jack. I'm in favor of an excused absence--but they will know that, much as I appreciate this gesture, it had better not happen again.


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No disagreement from me.


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While touched by their gesture, I'm not going to try to excuse their unauthorised absence from school, nor would they expect me to since they are aware of my views on school attendance; they can suffer whatever punishment the school normally imposes.

Though in any other circumstance I would probably have punished then as well, on this occasion I'll thank them fulsomely but tell then this must be a first and last time for such an activity - oh, and give them a big hug next day oif they come home with sore backsides.


I'm with Kier who is with Jack and I'll also inform then that the excused absence is one-off too.

My spouse and I will also find a suitable way to reward them for their consideration (and expense) without making it look like its a trade off.


It's a good thing next year's anniversary is on a Saturday!


I am going to thank them profusely and I have no wish to spoil the occasion by spanking them . I do admire the sacrifice but I'm afraid that will be all the greater as the boys wil have to accept the School consequences of their actions though I wont sign off on a paddling if thats what would happen. I don't want them to do this again. Our annivesrary will not be an excuse


Ditto jack.....

Nothing to add than I'll be letting the school deal with the absence and if they are lucky the principle will be willing to give them a one of too but if not well they will just have to take one for the team...

Hugs kal


Of coarse the boys will get a note for an excused absence, because family life trumps school, NOT the other way round!



Iconoclast wrote:Of coarse the boys will get a note for an excused absence, because  family life trumps school, NOT the other way round!


Well said Icono Very Happy

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