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BOTD 05-06-2016 Down on the Farm An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Down on the Farm
An Ivor Production

You and your wife run the little homestead farm that was your parents and on which you and your brother grew up. He couldn't wait to get away but you felt an obligation to stay. He has done well for himself in the city and has a wife and 10 year old son - Marty. He comes to visit you occasionally, but only once brought his wife or son soon after he was born.

Recently he called you to say that he and his wife were gong on a cruise but didn't want to take Marty so asked, as school was on vacation, if Marty could come and stay with you for a couple of weeks. You weren't keen on the idea but eventually agreed. You were surprised when your brother told you that Marty did get spanked if he misbehaved as you had thought that his mother would not be in favour, but he told you that if you felt it necessary you could spank Marty while he was staying with you.

After he arrived you took Marty round the farm, pointing out the dangers and telling him what he could and could not do. You especially told him that he should not get too close to the larger animals. All has gone well for the first few days but this morning you hear a cow making a lot of noise and on going to investigate see:

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Is Marty about to find out that the barn has another purpose apart from storage?

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Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I think britches down spanking for my nephew!

Can you dig it?


Tormenting animals, especially ones large enough to do great bodily harm, and specifically after being warned. I'm not sure a real barn burner is called for, but there will be a conversation punctuated with smacks.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go with Kier on this. K Club.



I need to know more about circumstances but on the face of it he appears to be ripe for his introduction to the five B's.
(Barn, Buttocks, Bare, Bend & Belt)

Pi Beta

I think I'll introduce him to my bull, though a randy ram might be happy to give him some painful butts (in both senses of the word).


If taunting is what he's doing then he's getting spanked. At ten and unless My brother told me the hand makes little impression a solid hand spanking will suffice. Then I might find him a couple of chores to keep him out of trouble


Stevie doesn't dare to post 'anymore'...

David M. Katz

Bessie is simply meandering over to see what Marty is about. Very Happy

Marty, having never been around such creatures, is afraid. pale My comment about not going around the larger animals didn't help.

Marty feels cornered and so he is just trying to scare the cow away. Shocked

No punishment. Just a gentle introduction and explanation.  Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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