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BOTD 05-10-2016 Blast for the Past 1978 - An Unprecedented Request - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Blast from the Past – 1978 – An Unprecedented Request
A Kat Production

You teach seventh grade history at a junior high school. The most common punishments for your twelve and thirteen-year-old students are lines and licks. The kids consider lines to be the more lenient punishment. Today Wendell, age thirteen, is being unusually loud and disruptive. Wendell is a quiet, studious boy who avoids getting in trouble most of the time, so you assign him lines. You are surprised when he asks if he can take licks instead.  He offers an explanation: he has a book report due for another class tomorrow so he won’t have time for writing lines. A chorus of teasing from his classmates lets you know that he has never had licks before.  

Wendell - 13
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Will you bust his butt or perhaps give him an extra day on the lines? If you do give him licks, what will the tariff be? You can give up to three.

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm thinking one good lick!

Can you dig it?


I agree with Skater. I'm wondering whether Wendell's request has more to do with quelling the chorus of classmates rather than having other work to do.


It sounds as if Wendell has either decided to jump or been pushed as his behaviour appears abnormal.

I reckon the number of licks has to be the same as you'd give anyone else for the same offence and I suspect that is more likely to be two than just one.

Anyway, if he's wearing the same jeans as in the pic he won't feel them much. Smile


The chorus from his classmates tells it all.

A quiet studious boy getting a goody goody reputation. I owe it to him to help him up his street cred.

Two licks.


I agree


I daresay he might get licks anyway if he doesn't get the book report in, or another detention so I will go with that but I might like to know why he was acting out like this since it seems so out of character. 2 licks

Pi Beta

I'll join the consensus

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