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BOTD 05-13-2016 Blast from the Past 1999 One Layer of Clothing - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Blast from the Past – 1999 – One Layer of Clothing
A Kat Production

You are the headmaster of an independent school in Australia. Most of the pupils are boarders, but you do have a number of day students as well. This evening is a special night for the school – a sort of spring carnival with fun activities. Many of the day students come to it, though attending is not compulsory and they are made to understand that they are under school discipline if they choose to participate.

One of your day students, 15-year-old Trevor, decided to commit an act of vandalism that you consider merits six strokes of the cane over regular clothes. Trevor, however, is wearing rather thick denim jeans with back pockets that will provide too much protection. As it’s a Friday, he doesn’t want to suffer the anxiety of waiting until Monday for his punishment. School policy does allow you to cane over one layer of clothing, though that usually means over gym shorts. His gym shorts are not available. Bare is not an option. Trevor volunteers to take his caning over his underwear, which he tells you is cotton boxer shorts.

Trevor - 15
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Will you agree to cane over his boxers? If you do, will you give him a discount because he’ll have only one layer of clothing?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I think six of not quite the best is in order ... over his boxers

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

Skater wrote:I think six of not quite the best is in order ... over his boxers

That covers it.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Guess I'll start an "S" Club


I'd agree also, so long as there is no policy proscription against caning over just boxers.


Assuming this is not an offence for which I'd normally cane over gym shorts then I consider I'll have to temper the caning in some way to try and equal what he would have felt had he been wearing his grey school shorts on top of those boxers.

Pi Beta

I'd equate 6 clothed normally with 4 through just one very thin layer, so would give him four.


I agree weith Pi. 2 strokes off for reduced protection even if it seems lenient for an act of vandalism. I think the lad can help clear up the damage and his parents may find an an unwelcome addition to the fees


If caning over boxers is allowed by school rules I will do so.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think I'd probably go with four strokes over the underwear.



What a lot of agonising pussyfooters you are! Jeans, gym shorts and boxers be blowed! And blow the rules too. Scrap all the clothing and offer him a confidential three on the bare. He'll accept and we'll both be satisfied. He might even decide to do some more vandalising.....

No Nonsense Push

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