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BOTD 05-14-2016 Knox Knows What's Coming! - A Kat Production

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Knox Knows What’s Coming!
A Kat Production

Knox is your eleven-year-old nephew. He is spending a month with you while his parents are on an extended vacation. A couple of weeks ago, you gave him a spanking for the first time. Your spanking style is different from your sibling’s, and it caught Knox by surprise. You thought his response was out of proportion to the spanking. Later you learned that his experience was limited to five or six light smacks over his clothes.

Now Knox is due another spanking, but instead of waiting in his room as you instruct, he goes out through the window. You decide to give him a chance to come home before starting a massive search. He does show up in time for dinner, a couple of hours later. He apologizes for running off but says he was too scared because of the first spanking. He’s tearful but seems resigned.

Knox - 11
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Do you give him his spanking now or wait until after dinner; or do you let him off? If you spank him, do you moderate the spanking to reflect his inexperience? Does he earn extra for running off?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Spanking now -- with a moderation. He won't be able to eat if it's over his head and I won't let him off.

Can you dig it?


Ditto Skater. No extra for running off. We'll talk about why he's in trouble, that it's ok to be scared (in fact, that's kind of the point), but he survived before, and will again, and that you cain't run away from your problems cuz ain't no place that far. If he wants to avoid another spanking, all he has to do is behave.


Knox has had time to think things through (including what he did to earn the spanking)  He ran away in fear but he has faced his fear and manned up to return to face the music.

That has to count for something.

I'll tell him I respect him for doing that and that I'll go easy on him THIS time.  Then he can drop his pants to receive a moderate spanking more in line with what he's used to.


I'm in the MM camp today, except that I will deliver something between what he is used to and what I gave him last time. Otherwise I suspect we could have the same performance next time, although hopefully there won't be a next time.

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