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BOTD 05-22-2016 What's gotten Into the Boy?

What Happens to Sam?

Let him off.
Usually spanking
Upgrade to belt
Upgrade to paddle

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1 BOTD 05-22-2016 What's gotten Into the Boy? on Sat May 21, 2016 4:12 pm


Bransom Postmaster
What's gotten into the boy?

You son Sam just turned fourteen. (about a month back) He had earned a spanking about once every six or eight weeks. He's earned another one tonight. As usual you've told him to go to his room and wait.

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Usually you wait a few minutes and go to his room. You've both agreed that a he has a spanking coming. He usually takes down his pants and goes over your knee. You slide down his boxers and wear him out until he's crying with your hand.

You turn to walk away and you notice him.

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When he sees you noticed he goes straight to his room and slams the door. Is it time for his first taste of the paddle or belt?

Can you dig it?



Y Lee Coyote

When I go to his room to spank him is absolutely NOT the time to change the protocol for that would be an arbitrary change of contract.  That should have been done at a neutral time.  (Exception -- if previously discussed, he could be given the option to go to a new protocol more appropriate for his age.)

He deserves credit for keeping his tongue under control although not his hand.



I didn't change the protocol, but he committed another offence. For that I consider an upgrade to be fully justified.


Work through the protocol as usual. Then the belt for his salute.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think YLC makes a very good point. Also, my take on the scenario is that Sam didn't intend me to see the gesture, as I'd already turned to walk away. No one enjoys punishment of any sort. Even if a punishment is fair, it usually takes people a while to work through their natural resentment. A principal I worked with gave me an excellent piece of advice years ago: let people have their anger. Later, when Sam is calmed down, he and I can talk about the unwisdom of making such gestures.



He's 14 and that fact of his likeley adolescence informs my take on this. I will take slightly longer to join him. He is no doubt annoyed with me and possibly with himself (maybe). the operative phrase is in the title. I want him to know what I saw and ask him to explain himself. I f he can and the attitude is more acceptable we will stick to the normal routine, but yes I will ask the question in the title in a non accusatory manner and see if I can get him to talk


I'm with Ivor on this one......

Hugs kal

Pi Beta

I think he should be promised the Scottish belt (tawse) on the hand that offendeth if I ever see a repeat of this.


Take this as you will, but the scenario describes what 'usually' happens, not a cast iron protocol. I think it can easily be argued both ways.

While I agree with Kat (and his principal) that you need to allow people to have their anger (I remember Ralph telling me to 'stop that crying, or he'd give me something to cry about', when my butt was already red and welted, and I still can't stand him 40 years later), Sam also needs to be made to understand that this behavior is unacceptable.

Assuming this kind of blatant disrespect hasn't been a problem before, I'm willing to talk to him this time, but he'd best understand that that gesture can cause a lot of problems, when you use it like he just did, hoping it passes unnoticed.

I do want to ask him why he made it, and what he expected to happen, though.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I like Jack's assessment.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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