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BOTD 05-24-2016 Wrestling Call - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

You are the PE teacher at the local middle school.  Your school utilizes corporal punishment if needed and you are allowed to give up to three swats with your paddle.

This is one of your seventh grade students, twelve year-old Pierre Davis.

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Pierre is small for his age and is a late bloomer.  He is not very athletic but tries hard in your classes.  Pierre often acts younger than twelve and this has caused him some problems with some of the other students.

Another one of your students is another seventh grader, thirteen year old Justin Brown.  Justin is a bigger boy and is a jock type and very popular.  Justin is one of the students who is often a problem for Pierre.

Both boys are in your third period PE class.  The current unit is on wrestling and wrestling moves.  You tell the boys to pair up and practice the moves they have learned.  You tell the boys to match themselves up as closely as possible by size.  You get called away for a few minutes but tell your students to carry on.  You are away for about five minutes.  You return to see Justin has paired himself with Pierre and has Pierre pinned to the mat and is obviously hurting the younger and smaller boy by the way he has him held.  Pierre is crying and the other boys are cheering Justin on.

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You pull the boys apart and demand an explanation.  Justin feigns innocence and says he was simply doing what you had told them to do.

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


Nothing. I should have been supervising, or had them wait to wrestle until I (or someone) was. I hate bullying, but I can't prove that's what was happening. Justin gets a pass, this time, but I'll make sure he knows I'm watching him.

Y Lee Coyote

Leaving a gym class unsupervised is totally irresponsible.  About the only thing that could justify it would be a life threatening event such as real fight.  In that case all gym activity would have had to cease until the teacher return.

Justin is in trouble big time.  He is a year older and bigger and far more developed than Pierre -- in contradiction of the orders to pair off by size.  Since we have been talking wrestling this is something he should know for the pairing there is by weight.  Not only does he get the swats but a failing grade for the class and sent to the VP for bullying and mendacity.



Do two wrongs make a right?

No, but in this case the second one is going to have to pay for taking advantage of the situation in order to inflict pain on someone smaller and unable to properly defend himself. So I will now do the same to him with my paddle. Question


Ivor has nailed it for me.

Emlyn Morgan

Hmm. Tricky one, this. scratch


Editor Extraordinaire
The biggest failure is mine: not only should I not have left the class unattended, I should have paired the boys myself. Proving Justin was bullying is not possible, so I won't be paddling him or referring him to the office. I will, however, give him a tongue lashing. I'll also be keeping a sharp eye on him. If I do catch him in an act of bullying, he'll regret it. For my part, I will make sure I do my job properly in the future.



I tend to agree with Kat on this, but there is also the issue of 'no means no'. There is absolutely no excuse for Justin not to have stopped as soon as he realized Pierre was hurt/upset. The fact that he was continuing at this point tells me it was bullying. However, I will give Justin a chance to explain himself, and I will probably turn it over to the office for a decision/consequences, since I'm not sure I could be fair, considering how I see the behavior (as sneaky and underhanded - taking advantage of my absence).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Yeah, I'm gonna let the administration sort this one out.

However, Justin, be aware. One day Pierre will catch his growth spurt and then he just might be able to kick your ass.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Epic fail on my part. Justin will know that I know and will be watching, Unfortunately I cat nail him for bullying this time because I wasnt watching. (trouble is a lot of bullies are too smart to show their colours under a teachers nose). For now I am going to adjust the pairings so Justin gets to wrestle more of a physical matchup. Hopefully I an find Pierre someone suitable

Pi Beta

I'm going to pair Justin with an even bigger bully!

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