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BOTD 06-02-2016 A History For Such Things - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Nathaniel is your fifteen year old (soon to be sixteen) son and Jentzen is his right arm and best friend.  Jentzen just turned sixteen last week, got his driver's license and, with the help of his grandmother, purchased a reliable used Jeep.  For the past almost five years, Jentzen's mother, a single parent, has trusted you with handling the boy's discipline.  You basically consider jentzen to be like your own son and treat him accordingly. It has been over a year since Jentzen has needed any sort of punishment from you and close to a year for Nathaniel. Spanking and other punishments are not off of the table - it just hasn't been necessary.

The boys met in sixth grade and sealed their friendship with a very ill-planned school skipping incident that ended up with you being involved to avoid the boys from doing a "dine and dash" for an impromptu breakfast at a local restaurant.  In the sixth grade you returned the boys to school where each was paddled.  For his part, Nathaniel was spanked at home.  Jentzen was grounded.  (Discussion of which between the boys is what led to your involvement in Jentzen's discipline.)

In the spring of their seventh grade year, Nathaniel and Jentzen decided to commemorate their friendship by skipping out of school again.  Again, planning was not their first priority and the principal caught them walking off of campus.  Both boys were paddled.  You gave spankings to each at home that evening.

By eight grade the boys had a tradition.  This year they were a little smarter and simply never showed up at school.  Note - the school will not consider a student "skipping"  if the student never shows up on campus.  The previous two years the boys had left school after arriving on campus, hence why the school punished them.  The absence is unexcused and any tests/projects cannot be made up. During the eight grade escapade, the boys were caught by the computerized attendance system that sent an incriminating email to you and Jentzen's mother.  When confronted, the boys admitted to skipping and were spanked for the issue.

You and Jentzen's mother discussed the issue with your sons during ninth grade, their first year of high school, and arranged for an absence for the two on a field day and allowed them to hang out together at a local park.  You thought all went well and that the tradition was fulfilled but the boys needed their celebration.  The boys perfected their art and never showed for school but were able to get a friend who was an office aide to "cover" for them with the computer. You never found out about the skipping until late in to the summer.  By then it was water under the bridge and both boys simply got a warning.

The boys are now tenth graders and the school year is almost over.  There is only one more full day of classes before three half days for exams and then the school year is over.  This last full day is usually reserved for exam prep, films, private study, administrative tasks, etc. and no instruction occurs. Both boys are good students, in fact Nathaniel is ranked third in his class and Jentzen is in the top ten percent, and so they are well prepared for the upcoming exams.  Jentzen drives himself and Nathaniel to school but the boys never show up at school.  They skip and have a commemorative breakfast at the same restaurant (they pay this time) and then hang at a local mall and see a movie.

You get the automatic email telling you Nathaniel is not at school.  You call your son and he freely admits that he and Jentzen "blew the day off because nothing was going on."  He says that he and Jentzen are headed home now.  (They timed things so as to arrive when they would be expected to be home from school.)

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The boys are now home and openly ask you if you want to talk about them not going to school.

Your response?

*Most of you probably realize this is based in a real-life event.  No, the pictures look nothing like the boys in question.  After everyone gets a chance to chime in then I will share what happened.

Can you dig it?


I think they're in trouble.  Knowing you, if they'd asked, you'd have GIVEN them the excused absence.  While the saying is that it's "easier to ask forgiveness than permission", I think in this case that, despite their "advanced age", they're perpetuating this "history for such things" and expecting it to end as it always has.

As at least Jentzen now has a driver's license, and it's almost summer vacation, I think loss of car keys may be more effective than a spanking.

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Both boys need a good soapy enema and all...

(Stevie volunteers to do the honours) Twisted Evil

Warning poo and all...:
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Since spanking had not worked as deterrence in the past it will not work now. If they want to continue their "tradition" there is very little I can do. At least they had the sense to select a relatively unimportant day.

I bet there is some yardwork to do...


Incorrigible is the word.

I think a school style paddling would be in order and in keeping with the tradition. Next year I will suggest to Jentzens Mom that he, and Nathaniel if he has one by then lose their car keys for the following weekend


This school skipping including the danger element (subsequent punishment when caught) commemorates and reinforces the advent of a very strong friendship.  It is likely to continue come hell or high water and be the subject of fond reminiscences in later life.

Have they harmed themselves or anybody else? ................. NO

"The boys are now home and openly ask you if you want to talk about them not going to school."

I have my role to play.

Pants down boys.


I agree with MM.

This has now been going on for so long that it has become a tradition and part of that tradition is the paddling they receive afterwards. It is now part of the ticket price for the day in the same way as the meal and the cinema.

I suspect they'd be disappointed if you didn't keep your part of the deal. But it could be worthwhile indicating that if it happens again next year the price will also include loss of car keys for a period.


My answer would be slightly different than yours, but

"Glad you made it home a few minutes early. Get your clothes off and go get your switches, and maybe we can finish this up before your brothers get home."

And I agree with Kier - they're doing this to flaunt authority. At least they're showing some good sense in how they do it, but I still want to talk to them again about why that's not always a great idea.

Oh, and if they skipped the freaking review day, they'd best both hope they ace all those freaking finals, or I'll be all over their butts again when I find out about it.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm with jack and especially that last about the test.... Evil or Very Mad

Hugs kal

Emlyn Morgan

Ah, yes. Skipping school. In south Wales we called it mitching.

Anyway, I'm going to whack them.

David M. Katz

Their issue here is that the act needs to be without permission. I don't know why so even if we would have given them a day off, and we would have, they would have done this anyway. Your solution is somewhat close but softer.

I just have not made the boys' bathroom habits a top priority on my list of things to know and so I am clueless as to if you have the solution or not. However, I will be glad to mention your name should the service be needed.

You mostly share the sentiments of the adults involved.

I agree in principle but, at this point, what would the paddling do?

I think your point is absolutely valid. This act, to them, is greater than any thing else. I do see them being lifelong friends and so I agree.

Your point mostly echoes MM, and, in hindsight, so does your point about the paddling. The point about driving will be discussed.

Well, we didn't go with a switching. These two boys were in no danger of poor performance on the exams. This occurred a week ago Monday (5/23) and exams are over and grades are in. Both boys excelled on the exams.

Ditto Jack

It was commonly called "playing hooky" when I was a boy. No whacks were given.


OK, we went mostly soft. The boys are showing better judgement in their matter and selection of their day off and we know and they are blunt about the fact that this "tradition" will occur next year and the next and they are willing to accept whatever the consequences might be. J's mom and Anne and I thought it had probably already happened and that they figured out how to get away with it so we were rather pleasantly surprised that they selected a "non-day" to skip out. They got away with it last year because Dex was an office aide and helped them. (Yeah, all 3 would have been 'toast' had that knowledge surfaced in a timely matter.) They admitted they selected the day they did because there was no real instruction but also because J had a license at that point. The ink was barely dry on his driver's license as he had just gotten it the Friday before.

So, no corporal punishment. They did however have to ride the bus to school for the final three days as J's Jeep was parked and we forbade them to ride with friends, siblings or parents to school. The bus is a fate worse than death to most high schoolers in our area but it is available if needed. This meant that they had to be up earlier as the bus arrives at our stop a full forty minutes earlier than they normally need to leave. It meant we knew they would be dropped off on school property (although that was not a real worry as neither of them would skip exams.) It also meant on Wednesday that N had to go to school very earlier and then sit in the library as he had no third period exam. J had to camp out on Thursday after the fifth period exam in the library because he had no sixth period exam. The boys were on a short leash for the next three days (half-days at school.) They weren't full on grounded but they found getting permission to go anywhere but school, church, or *work was hard to come by. That was our decison for this year. They both have already been put on notice that next year's event will result in a week's loss of driving privs for both (N will have a license then) and the big yellow bus will be the only mode of school transportation available. (However, I quite like ivor's 'paddling tradition" idea. )

*Both boys do have part-time jobs as 15 year olds are allowed to work in limited situations and the field broadens at 16. N is a cashier/lot boy/bagger/produce stocker at a small grocery store in our neighborhood. J is a grunt/gopher for a plant nursery / landscaping establishment near here.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I thought school paddling this time to be in proportion and In a daft way the tradition amuses me.I think loss of car would now have more impact than CP which I agree will have little effect now but in a sense only Jentzen would be feeling that. apart from the inconveience to Nathaniel. By next year of course loss of wheels will be an equally shared punishment and very irksome to 11th graders.


katz wrote:I just have not made the boys' bathroom habits a top priority on my list of things to know and so I am clueless as to if you have the solution or not. However, I will be glad to mention your name should the service be needed.

All teenage boys are the better for a good clearing out every so often...

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