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BOTD 6/3/16 "Shoe-less Sean" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 6/3/16 "Shoe-less Sean" A DMK Production on Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:15 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Sean is your eleven year old son.  Here is the situation:

Your sister is getting married soon.  Sean has had a growth spurt and has outgrown his shoes.  School is almost out for the year.

You decide to take Sean to get him some new shoes that he can wear as a guest to the wedding and also use for school and, hopefully, use to start school in again in August. You ask Sean to be careful with the shoes at least until the wedding and suggest he not wear them to play around in, etc.

Here is Sean arriving in from after school yesterday:

SEAN - 11
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You don't give the flip-flops any thought as the weather has turned very warm and there is no prohibition in the school dress code.  Sean has been wearing the flip-flops all week.

Today is the day of the wedding and you are checking to see if your son is ready.  Sean is dressed in his nice slacks and collared shirt but you note he is wearing the flip-flops.  You tell Sean to change to his new shoes.  Sean gets pale and mumbles out, "I can't."  You, of course, ask why and Sean tells what happened.

The past week, on his way home from school, Sean stopped off at the park to play some pick-up baseball with some friends.  (He is allowed to do this.) Sean says he was wearing the new shoes so he took them off to keep them nice and put them on a bench.  Sean says when he finished the game and went to get his shoes that they were missing.  Sean says he didn't say anything to you because he didn't want you to be mad.

Are you mad?  What do you do?  Will Sean be shoe-less at the wedding?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Sean did as he was told. He didn't play in the shoes. That they were stolen isn't exactly his fault, though it would have been nice if he'd said something early enough to get him another pair.

I'm sure he has sneakers, and he can wear those, rather than flip flops to the wedding. We'll see about new shoes later on.

No spanking.


Kier's response is logical, but the prospect of landing a few whacks with a flip flop over those cut offs as a 'reward' for his carelessness is very tempting .


Ditto kier and Ivor

Hugs kal


I wouldn't have been mad then but I am now.

Sean would know I would find out eventually, but to leave it until it was too late to replace them for the wedding Mad Mad

Mid way through changing those cut off for his wedding suit will be a good time for one of those flip flops to teach him a lesson about responsibility.

Pi Beta

Having recently returned from New Zealand where it seemed that around half of all those under the age of 12 and a good proportion of older ones and adults choose to go barefoot, including to and from school, I'm inclined to tell him to adopt that approach.

I will, however, be expressing my annoyance at him hiding the truth from me by way of a fairly sound spanking.


I think this is fairly typical 11 year old behaviour, putting off the evil moment when the parents have to be told. I will be chiding Sean for not telling me sooner and may be wondering if I am such an ogre that he wouldn't find it possible to explain what happened or that Sean was worried he wouldn't be believed. Sneakers it may have to be unless there is time for an emergency dash to the shoe shop or even a charity shop for hand me downs if stuck for cash. No spanking but stingers may be needed to chivy Sean along.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier on this.


Emlyn Morgan

Ah, yes, shoes. What can I say?

Tricky one this. scratch

David M. Katz

I align mostly with Kier and Kat. I do want to have a discussion (it can wait until we are in the car or back home this evening) as to why he didn't want to tell me in a more timely manner. I suspect it is as Square says and that such things are par for the course for this age.

What we do about his footwear (or lack thereof) depends on time and money. Options:

1. See if the old shoes fit well enough.
2. Leave him in the flip-flops. Obviously things aren't too formal as he is only wearing slacks and a collared shirt and he's eleven and can get away with such things. It will also make for interesting discussion when people see the pictures.
3. Is there a brother or next door same size friend that we can borrow from?
4. We can go by Wally World or some such place and grab a new pair of shoes on our way to the wedding.

I would not spank for this as tempting as putting one of those flip-flops to another use may be.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.



Clogs 'r more for t'likes o' us poor cotton workers... on'y posh folk wear shoes and all...

Like as not no one would've stolen a set clogs from t' lad... and clogs are better wearing in t' mill and all...

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