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BOTD 06-07-2016 Reverse Paper Boy - A Kalico Production

Do you deliver another spanking to Jason?

0% 0% [ 0 ]
92% 92% [ 11 ]
8% 8% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 12

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Bransom Postmaster
A Kalico Production

You just got a call from one of your neighbors. Your twelve year-old son, Jason, and some of the other neighbor boys were observed going through the neighborhood and stealing newspapers. It's apparently some kind of dare/prank.

JASON - 12
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What do you do?

Can you dig it?


It's stealing, prank or not.

They'll return the papers (or at least Jason will), apologize, and come home for the spanking of his life. At 12, he certainly knows better.

David M. Katz

I do agree with Kier's solution.


BUT . . . What if, in a happier universe:

The neighbor was mistaken. When you asked Jason he told you how he and his friends had asked permission to take the papers. They were collecting them for the recycling drive and fundraiser for their school.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

The Cappadocian

Yup, he's toast. If he's going to do something that silly, he should at least have the good sense to not get caught.


The Cappadocian wrote:Yup, he's toast. If he's going to do something that silly, he should at least have the good sense to not get caught.

You stole my thought Cap, before I could even think it!!



That's what comes of having a newspaper delivery system where the papers are just tossed on the ground rather than put through the letter box! Laughing

But he is skating on thin ice.........


He can return the papers and do an hour of yard work for each of the neighbours he's inconvenienced.

The ultimate redness of his butt will be contingent on the reports I get back.


Re recycling, I think te paper usually gets read before that happens. I'm going to tan Jason's behind and then send him out to return all the papers that were taken. And I think he can go on his bike rather than his skateboard. He will feel my disappointment more that way Evil or Very Mad

Emlyn Morgan

I get my Daily Mail every morning on my Kindle. Anyway, I'm going to whack the boy.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
I'm sure when the boys planned this (dared each other) they would have a pretty good idea what would be the consequence if/when caught. Ideally I would like to find out what they decided was the "par" punishment for this. I then need to ensure that he and his friends get at least one, and preferably two or more over par for their troubles - and redeliver the papers and apologise individually.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll hear Jason's side of this first. Perhaps the neighbor is like the old biddies in the neighborhood where I grew up -- always seeing things that didn't really happen. If he actually took the papers, he's toast.


I'll always give a boy a chance to explain what happened, but he'll also be aware that, if he denies it, we'll be talking with some neighbors.

If this was a one time thing, he'll have a chance to return the papers and apologize before coming home for a pretty thorough spanking. If it's a multi-time offense, I'll let him know he'll be getting the brush when we get back.

I should tell him that he can strip and go pick a switch, then we'll return the papers, and get a couple of licks at each house - just as a joke, you understand.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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