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BOTD 6/11/16 "Commando Clark" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Marcus is your fourteen year old son.  Clark is his best friend and also fourteen.  Clark and Marcus have been best friends since they were toddlers and, as Clark's family lives across the street from you, you and your spouse are also close with his parents.  Since the boys were young, you and your spouse and Clark's parents have shared mutual spanking permission with both boys and said permission has been exercised on both sides several times.  As the boys have matured, their spanking routine has "matured" as well.  Now, for most issues, four to six school-boy style paddle swats over underwear is the usual tariff and that routine is practiced in both families.

School is out for Summer break and there is a new air and space travelling exhibit at the museum in the next city.  Both boys are air and space enthusiasts and want to attend. Clark's parents are out of town for a distant relative's funeral and so he is in your care for the week.  You would like to see the exhibit as well so you tell Marcus and Clark that you will take them this coming up Saturday.  For whatever reason, the boys decide not to wait.  They leave this morning telling you and your spouse that they are going to "hang at the park all day."  The boys hop a bus and head off to the next town and you have no idea where they are at.  You are also not comfortable with them being alone in the unfamiliar city.  The boys apparently have a good time because, this evening at dinner, the let it spill where they actually were.  You tell Marcus and Clark that you all will need to talk about it after dinner.

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You and the boys agree that there were enough rule violations to warrant a paddling but you also agree it is not the crime of the century so it will be four swats over underwear.  You tell the boys to get ready while you fetch the paddle. You return and find both boys bent over the side of Marcus's bed.  Marcus is in his boxers with shorts around his ankles but you notice Clark is bare-butt with shorts around his ankles.  You remind Clark that this one isn't bare but he then sheepishly admits, "Well, I'm going commando today."

How do you equalize things, or do you? Will you be going back to the exhibit this Saturday?

Note - Clark's shorts are made of heavy fabric and would offer more protection than Marcus's boxers.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


If he's staying with us for a week, he must have some. He can kick the shorts off and go get his boxers, or I'll discount his to three and offer Marcus the same deal.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."



Jack seems to have an answer for everything, but it does seem fair: Commando gets a reduced sentence while the other gets the same option.


The boys are 14 years old! There is no reason permission to go on the bus together should not have given.  The fact that they did not ask is they feared (probably with justification!) that permission would not have been given.  So I will let this pass and in the future remember the boys are 14 years old!   My guess is the boys will be happy to go back Saturday and show me around!  No punishment!



Ditto Jack


I'm rather in agreement with Icono, but that doesn't answer the scenario.

Commando Clark evidently doesn't mind displaying his privates.

You told them to go and get ready so Clark had the time and opportunity to put on boxers if he had wanted. I think he may be trying to score a point over Marcus so bare butt it will be.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go along with Jack and Company.



Its your choice - moonshine

David M. Katz

To clarify, my issue with the boys is the deception.  Why did they feel the need to "sneak around" and do this?  We should have discussed this and if there was a reason to go early of if they didn't want the "old man" hanging around then we could have figured that out.  I see no reason not to feel uncomfortable with inexperienced boys doing things in an unfamiliar setting.  That is something that should have been discussed.

I do think the paddling is justified.

I will adopt Jack's approach:  Clark can find some boxers and both get four or Marcus can drop boxers and they each get three. I will give the boys a couple of minutes to decide.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Iconoclast wrote:The boys are 14 years old! There is no reason permission to go on the bus together should not have given.  


Except they didn't ask for it. scratch

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Y Lee Coyote

Interesting.  The two lads checked out the bus schedules and routes, three of them (local, intercity, local), found the museum (which they probably been to multiple times), got their tickets paying their own way for a great time -- and even returned on time.

How can I not be proud of them?

It's not clear that at their age, that they went out of bounds.  Neither is it clear that they lied for they could have gone to the park and then got the great idea to go to the exhibit.  Their smart phones have lots of travel aids we never dreamt of and always up to date.

The only clear transgression is not reporting a significant change of plan.

Yipe!  They are growing up and I better start accepting it.


PS: And of course we going back to the exhibit -- it's an educational experience and will keep us all off the screens.


They didnt ask and I didnt know where they were. This paddling is justified. I agree with DK. Either 4 to both in boxers or 3 bare each

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