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BOTD 06-16-2016 the Skat Park- A John Boy Production

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A John Boy Production

Harrison (Harry) is your fourteen year old son.  Harry is subject to spanking but you also use restrictive type punishments with him on occasion.  Harry is basically a well-behaved boy but he does have a problem with profanity.  You have worked with him on this and have talked about when and where it is and isn't appropriate.  Harry's issues with use of profanity are much improved and he has learned to keep things "among the guys."

The local city park has a skate park.  Harry and his friends are avid skateboarders and enjoy using the skate park.  The city parks in your community are subject to a city ordinance prohibiting the use of profanity on city owned properties.  (The ordinance is from ages ago and is never enforced.)

The park is a bit of a distance from your home and so you typically drive Harry to the skate park and then pick him up later when he finishes skating.


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You have dropped Harry at the park today so he can skate.  Harry texts you and says he is ready to come home and so you go to pick him up.  As Harry is getting in the car a strange woman who is obviously upset approaches your window and asks if this boy (pointing at Harry) is your son. You confirm he is your son and ask if there is a problem.  

The woman starts on an angry tirade about Harry's "vulgar mouth."  She says she was seated on a bench near the skate board area and could not enjoy her day in the park because Harry was constantly using the F word and it offended her.  The woman reminds you of the city ordinance and says she will be calling the police if you don't do something about your son and his profanity.

Harry then pipes up and tells the woman, "I was with my friends and wasn't talking to you.  You could have moved if you didn't like what you were hearing; there's plenty of other benches in the park."

You get Harry to be quiet and assure the woman that you will deal with your son and offer her an apology.  She huffs off saying, "You better deal with him or I'll make sure the police do."

Harry tells you that it was "just the guys" at the skate park and he got frustrated when he messed up a trick and "sometimes it just slipped out." Harry then says, "Anyway, she never said anything to any of us about being offended."

How do you deal with your son?

*Harry's lack of helmet is not a consideration for this scenario.  You may assume he has one but took it off after skating.  Razz

Can you dig it?


I agree with Harry. He wasn't talking to her, and if she was offended, she could have moved. I'll have Harry apologize as a matter of form, and tell the biddy I'll deal with him. But that's all the "dealing with him" I'll be doing.


Its the doc's turn to save me typing.

David M. Katz

Unanimous so far.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Never come across that sort of ordnance! If it was enforced someone would be kept very busy these days for sure.

I'm also falling into line.


Editor Extraordinaire
K Club for me.

I think such ordinances are never enforced because they in the US, they violate the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.


Emlyn Morgan

I don't mind boys or adults using strong language quietly amongst themselves, but not loudly in public. I'm going to whack him.


Skat park?

Sounds like my kind of park and all...

(Stevie the outcast)

Y Lee Coyote

There a conflict of rights.  The lady is entitled to enjoy the park just as much as Harry is entitled to enjoy the park.  That means not being assaulted by excess noise and vulgar language.

The combination of volume and poor choice of words has gotten Harry into trouble once again.  Although it was the lady that complained, there were other skate boarders about and some may have been young.

He needs to learn about time and place appropriate behavior.  Where's the paddle?

And the obsolete city ordinance will remain unenforced since changing its status will cause more headaches than the city mothers can deal with.


Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
If she had spoken to them at the time and they had continued, I would be more than happy to discipline Harry but I'm not going to impose any discipline as such now. I will, however, remind him of the need to moderate his language and, probably more importantly, the loudness of his voice when using it in any public place.


I agree with Pi on this. My son does need to understand that some people will be offended.

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