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BOTD 6/17/16 "Chores Are Lame" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Cole is your twelve year-old son.  Cole is spanked if needed.  Cole has a few minor chores he is responsible for each morning.  The chores are not a major ordeal - they are making sure his room is somewhat tidy, putting his dirty laundry in the hamper and making sure his dirty dishes from breakfast are in the dishwasher.  After the chores are done then Cole is free to carry on with his plans for the day.  School is now out for summer break and it has become a chore for you to get Cole to do his chores.  Just last week, after the third day of blowing off his chores, you gave Cole a spanking.  The spanking was not a major event - just a moderate and spanking over underwear.  There was improvement in Cole's response to his chores after the spanking but it was short lived.

You work from your office at home and this morning you notice Cole is heading off to meet up with his friends:

COLE - 12
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You also notice dirty laundry and wet towels on Cole's bedroom floor and dishes and the remains of his last night's snack on the floor by his bed.  The dirty dishes from Cole's breakfast are still on the table.

You call Cole back in and mention all of this to him.  Cole says, "Chores are lame.  I am supposed to meet up with the guys and I am already running late." Cole then says he will take care of it the "lame chores" this evening.

How do you respond?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Had to post a little early today. ENJOY!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Cole can be late to meet his friends and do as he's told under supervision


Cole will be very very late when he finally rides off STANDING UP ON THE PEDALS to meet his friends AFTER he's completed all his chores and they have passed my military style inspection.

Y Lee Coyote



"You better."

And wait until tomorrow.  I would be quite surprised that he kept his promise and did the new ones as well.  If so, great and off he dashes. But otherwise one double spanking and grounded.  And those chores better be done or a repeat.


(I.e., he gets to prove he's growing up or not.)


I'm dittoing MM on this one.....

Hugs kal


I'm going to ditto Y Lee.


I more inclined to ditto MM.

He's already had warnings which he didn't heed hence the spanking a few days ago. That though doesn't seem to have worked either.

Here I'd actually be inclined to ground him and keep him at home and indoors for the day since being with his friends seems to be of the utmost importance in his life. I'm here to supervise him so he'd best not be too grumpy during the day or he'll get a spanking to go with the grounding.


Editor Extraordinaire
Cole is not taking responsibility, so he'll do his chores under supervision for a while. For the next month, he won't be able to leave home until I've seen that he has done the chores and done them properly. I doubt a spanking will accomplish anything other than leave him resentful. This way, he may be well be resentful, but I get what I want. I hope that after a month, doing the chores will become routine and no longer require supervision.


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