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BOTD 6/19/16 "The Boy Next Door" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Mack is the son of a single mother and he and his mother live next door to you.  Mack is now thirteen but you have known him well since the day you moved in five years ago when Mack was eight.

Mack - 13
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Your spouse passed away from cancer and you have two adult sons who live in another state.  Upon your spouse's passing you thought a change of scenery would do you good so you sold your home in the city and moved to a suburban neighborhood.  That is when you met Mack.  Mack was good to fill a void in your life and you in his. (His father passed away when Mack was an infant.) You have helped Mack's mother by sitting for Mack in the past.  You are a retired teacher and so you have helped tutor Mack in his homework. You coached Mack's Little League baseball team for two years.  Mack goes fishing and camping with you.  You were the one to explain "the facts of life" to Mack. You and Mack have a close relationship.

On occasion the subject of discipline has come up during talks with Mack and / or his mother.  You freely admit that spanking served you and your now adult sons well when your boys were still at home.  Mack is a well behaved boy but when he does need punishment his mother spanks him.

Today Mack and his mother appear at your door.  Mack's mother explains she caught him with cigarettes.  Mack does not deny he had the cigarettes but says he only smoked one because he was curious. (BTW, your spouse died of lung cancer having been a former smoker.)  Mack's mother says Mack will not allow her to spank him for the issue.  You take Mack aside and ask why and he tells you that he "has hair down there" and he doesn't want his mother spanking him.

Mack's mother gets to the point and asks you to spank her son.  She says that she doesn't think he will be embarrassed with you doing it and that "since he is now older he needs a firmer hand."

Do you spank the boy next door?  If so then how do you do it?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


If I have the close relationship with Mack the scenario indicates, and if Mack agrees he needs a spanking and wants me to do it, and if his mother has given permission (which she has from the scenario), then I will give him the needed spanking. I will NOT be his mother's executioner, but if there is a "spankable offense" for a 13 year old, this fits the bill.

Bare, hand, otk should be adequate. If it proves not to be, based on Mack's reaction, I can upgrade to a spoon or paddle.

Y Lee Coyote

Mack is correct -- it is past time for him to get spanked on his mommy's lap. It's time to move on.  If spanking is to continue, then it should be 'assume the position' and a belt (or similar).

Frankly, I'm surprised that I have not spanked the lad already but so be it.  I think it is up to Mark who -- if anyone -- he presents his naughty butt to.  Maybe it time to move to other methods.

The cause of my spouse death is irrelevant for Mack although definitely emotional baggage here for me.



It sounds like the relationship is in place, and he's okay with it, so I don't see any reason we shouldn't do it.

He's obviously expecting a bare spanking, so we'll just have a talk to make sure we're on the same page about what he deserves. All things considered, I'm going with a long hairbrushing in this case, instead of the switch.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'll ditto Jack and Kier and do it but make it clear to Mack's mother that I will only do it on future occasions when I agree a spanking would be an appropriate response

Since a 'man's spanking' will most likely be an upgrade in its own right I'll limit myself to hand otk on this occasion.


Mack evidently expects a spanking and he expect it bare.

Presuming his Mom spanks him with her hand then I think mine will be sufficient of an upgrade considering he has only smoked a single cigarette.

John Boy

Ditto Jack


Ditto jack also.....

Hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier.


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