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BOTD 06-21-2016 End of Year Prank - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You are an assistant principal at the local high school.  Part of your responsibilities includes disciplinary issues.  You have a broad range of disciplinary tools available to you up to and including corporal punishment.  You may administer up to four swats with a paddle.

Abbott Costello is a Freshman ( 9th grade ) and has just turned fifteen.  Abbott is a good student and gets good grades.  He is a very social student and gets along well with other students.   Abbott is well liked by his teachers despite the fact that is is somewhat a class clown. Abbott's antics are never disruptive or dangerous but he does enjoy "entertaining" his fellow classmates and this has given cause for you and Abbott to meet officially a couple of times this school year.  Each time Abbott was assigned detention.

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It is now the end of the school year and the time when students like to pull pranks.  The central office and the superintendent have decided to take a strong stance against any pranks in hopes of deterring them. The students have been advised that any end of year pranks will result in serious consequences.  Abbott decides he is going to pull a prank despite the warnings. Abbott came to school very early this morning, sneaked in through the school kitchen (the food service staff arrives very early,) and found his target - his favorite teacher's classroom which he knew would be unlocked.  Abbott got busy and this was the result:

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The prank was harmless and no damage was done. The teacher thought the prank was hilarious and it was well received by the other students.  (You also found the prank to be funny.) The prank was soon all over social media thanks to students and faculty with cell phones.  The superintendent found out about the prank and was soon calling your supervisor, the head principal.  You were told to deal with the culprit.  It didn't take long to find out who was responsible for the prank.  Abbott freely admits that he is the responsible party and that he acted alone.

There are no more detention sessions this school year.  Exams start tomorrow and if you suspend Abbott then, by policy, he would miss exams and could not make them up.  You do not want to ruin the boy's academic standing over this.  You could let the issue go but you do not know how well that will go over with your superiors. You are thinking over how to deal with the issue when Abbott presents himself to your office after being told you want to see him.

How do you deal with this?

Can you dig it?


This is a totally harmless prank. Per the scenario, there was no damage. Beyond having Abbott clean up his cups, I see no need for any punishment, let alone draconian punishment. I'm going to let it go.

Y Lee Coyote

A simple detention sound exactly right.  Pretty much anything more beyond a pop would guarantee a social uproar and a lot of trouble.

We just won't remind that asshole of a superintendent that the next detention is in September and the punishment will expire by Independence Day.



Seems like a storm in a teacup to me Laughing


I suppose with a name like that Abbots parents must have a sense of humour too. 2 quick pops with the paddle as Abbot seems to have (albeit harmlessly) skated on the edge this term and I cant see any point in holding this over to next term and it certainly isn't worth a missed exam. I may not put everything into it either.


I'm going to remind Abbott of the school's policy on pranks and ask what he expected to happen.

I would assume everything's already been cleaned up, so I'll either make a detention session for him or give him a couple of swats. If it weren't for the fact that he let it be known he did it, I wouldn't have made any effort to find out. I might even ask him something to the effect of, "You have no idea who did this, do you?" Hopefully he'll take the hint, and I'll be too busy with exams to put any real effort into finding the culprit.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm pretty much in line with Jack's solution.

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I'll ask him what he expected to be the penalty for this - and then oblige with whatever he suggests - unless it would involve missing the exams. Somehow I think he'll be honest with me, especially since I've been fairly lenient in the past.


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I feel like a broken record to say all the time, "I agree with Kier," but once again, I do.

As an administrator, I need to do what I feel is right according to my own best judgement. In this situation, nothing more than a telling off is needed. The worst offense here is being "out of bounds" -- hardly the crime of the century. If he had broken into the school or the classroom, I'd feel differently.

I need to remind (or instruct, if it's not already policy) staff to lock classroom doors. Unlocked doors are an invitation to thieves and vandals.


Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack him!

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