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BOTD 06-23-2016 It All Went Really Wrong - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

You have two sons.  Riley is eleven and Andrew is fourteen.  Lately, the two brothers do not get along very well and you have found yourself being referee between the two on many occasions.  This summer, you have afforded Riley more freedom with his boundaries and he is allowed to walk down to a local market to browse and buy snacks and small toys, etc. with his allowance if he wants.  Andrew typically hangs out with his good friend, Joey, and so it is rare on some days that you see much of Andrew.  Today both of your sons are out and about.  Andrew is with Joey, presumably at Joey's house, and Riley tells you he is going down to the local market to look around. You work from home and you welcome the break so you can concentrate on a new project.

It so happens that Andrew and Joey are at the market when Riley comes in.  Your two sons see each other and exchange not so pleasant words with each other.  Finally Riley tells his big brother to get lost and leave him alone. Andrew and Joey leave the store but not before playing a horrible prank on Riley. Riley rarely goes anywhere without his backpack and so Joey slips a couple of candy bars in Riley's backpack while Andrew has his brother distracted.  

RILEY - 11
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It isn't long before you get a call from the manager of the market telling you he caught Riley shoplifting.  You go to the market and Riley is in tears.  The manager shows you the two candy bars he saw in Riley's backpack as Riley was leaving the store.  The merchandise is recovered and so there will be no charges filed but you are asked to take Riley home and not let him return unless he has adult supervision. Riley protests that he did not steal the candy but he has no good explanation as to how the candy got in his backpack.  You continue to let Riley speak and try to defend himself but the evidence is too heavy against Riley.  You spank Riley and, since he was stealing, it is a rather hard spanking and you used the brush rather than your hand.

Shortly after the spanking Andrew comes in (sans Joey) and hears Riley crying in his room.  Andrew asks, "What's wrong with the shrimp?"  You explain that Riley got a spanking for shoplifting. Andrew turns pale and sheepishly asks, "Was it candy bars from the little market down the street?"  You answer in the affirmative.  Andrew then tells what happened but does add that he (Andrew) should not be in trouble since he is not the one who actually put the candy in the backpack.  Andrew says, "We didn't know he'd get caught.  It was just a couple of cheap candy bars.  It was just a joke; no big deal. Anyway, he told us to get lost so we did."

How do you deal with this mess?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm going to call their Uncle Jack and have Andrew cut a nice switch. I'm going to apologize to Riley and let him watch his big brother get it!

Can you dig it?


I will never speak to or acknowledge Andrew as my son again as long as I live...

Unfortunately, there are still four more years before I can turn him out into the street...


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Ditto Skater. It was a VERY big deal, and Andrew is soon going to understand just how big a deal it really was.


Ditto Skater and Kier except that I am also going to forbid Andrew from ever going to the local market, and furthermore I will tell the manager what really happened, as well as asking him to call me immediately if Andrew ever appears in his store again!


Y Lee Coyote

I have a lot of trouble with all of this.

To start, I'm quite ashamed of myself for not listening to Riley unless he has a record of dishonesty with me.  (NB: If that is the case, we got big problems without today's events.)  Next, Andrew's story does not add up.  If Riley just find some extra candy in his pack what's the joke?  The prank only works if he gets caught.  Finally, why did the store manager search Riley's pack -- he has not told all he knows.

The only innocent in all this is red bottomed Riley.

I can't count how many offenses Andrew has racked up.  The ones that come to mind are stealing, framing and several lies.

I'll join the party and after Andy gets his first maxo spanking with Riley in attendance, he writes (literally) a letter of apology and hand delivers it to the manager.  He'll also have lots of time over the next couple of weeks to figure out how to make amends with his brother for he ain't going anywhere by himself or with Joey.


My thinking closely follows YL's.  

Since I can't unspank Riley I'll apologise to him and he has a "Get out of Jail Free" card, although he won't know about it until the time comes to activate it.


I hope Andrew enjoyed the couple of snickers he had earlier at Riley's expense, because he sure won't be snickering when I've finished with him......

Pi Beta

I'm with YL but will also be in contact with Joey's parents and hope/expect that they will deal with him as severely as I have with Andrew.


My first thought was, how was Riley caught shoplifting, if the manager didn't see the other boys putting the candy in the bag. 99% of the time I catch someone shoplifting, it has more to do with their behavior than anything else, which wouldn't be the case with Riley.

In all honesty, I don't know if I would have spanked in this situation or not. I think I would have left Riley in his room until he was ready to tell me what happened and why. On the other hand, the evidence is pretty conclusive that the candy was in his bag, and it must have gotten there somehow. Unless I have reason to think the store manager was lying to me - that means Riley had to have been guilty.

In this case, since I did spank, I'm giving Riley an abject apology, and he probably will get off very lightly the next time he gets in trouble.

Andrew's story doesn't hold water at all. He'd best have a great explanation for what the joke was, if his little brother didn't get caught. If he doesn't, he can stand there and listen while I call Joey's parents, then he's getting a deluxe spanking, and I'm pretty sure Riley will be waiting right outside the door for an apology, if not actually watching.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Skater partly because of YLCs and Jacks point. Andrew hoped for Riley to get caught and could even have tipped the Manager off. Otherwise Riley gets a couple of candy bars he knew nothing of, devours them and keeps stumm> Its a very great deal. Riley gets a massive apology and to watch Andrew get it. Oh and yes Joey will find his part is not forgotten when I call his Dad. Andrew and Joey will be kept apart for a week

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