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BOTD 06-24-2016 You've Been Flocked - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Your son, Kyle, is turning thirteen.  Kyle has five friends over for a weekend sleepover to celebrate his birthday.  You know all of the boys and their parents well except for Wyatt.  Wyatt is new to the neighborhood and to Kyle's school but he was accepted quickly by the other boys.  Wyatt is a really nice and well-behaved boy and you enjoy having him visit.  Your schedule and Wyatt's parents' schedules have not allowed you all the opportunity to meet yet but Wyatt's dad did call to confirm details of the sleepover.  That is the extent of your communication.

The sleepover is going well.  You know little sleep will be involved on the part of the boys but you and your spouse head off to bed and wish the boys good night.

Top Row:  WYATT, TANNER, & KYLE (Your Son) - All 13
Bottom Row:  BRIAN - 13, ZACH - 12, & JONAH - 13

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All of the boys live in your neighborhood.  Also in your neighborhood, two doors down from you, is a teacher from the boys' school, Mrs. Stevens.  Mrs. Stevens is well liked by the boys and is one of the popular teachers in the school.  The boys planned a prank to pull on Mrs. Stevens during the sleepover.  There is a current trend called Flamingo Flocking.  The prank involves placing plastic pink flamingos all over a person's lawn usually with a sign stating "You've Been Flocked."  Jonah even enlisted the help of his dad in the prank.  Jonah's dad placed the order on-line for the birds (they are cheap and the boys pooled their money) and also allowed the boys to store the flamingos in his garage.

A little after midnight the boys all went out and walked down the street to Jonah's house and retrieved the birds.  The birds and sign were then placed all over Mrs. Stevens' lawn.

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Everyone, especially Mrs. Stevens, all had a good laugh and the boys did go later that day and de-flocked her lawn. You considered the prank harmless and in good fun.  You did give the boys a brief obligatory "talking to" about being out that late but you live in a safe neighborhood and so that was not really an issue either.

Kyle comes home from school on Monday and is distraught.  It seems that Wyatt's father saw the results of the flocking and did question his son when Wyatt returned home.  Wyatt openly admitted to being part of the prank.  Kyle is upset because Wyatt reported to the other boys that his father was very angry and gave him a spanking.  Spanking is common for all of the group of friends if needed and most of you even have mutual spanking permission for each other's boys.  Kyle says Wyatt was not mad at them but all of the other boys do feel badly now.  Kyle says the group decided that they should all get spankings to even the score a bit.  Kyle says everyone will be asking their parents to spank them.  Kyle then begins to lower his jeans.

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


I don't think this was a spankable offense. I, in fact, colluded in it, according to the scenario. I can't get Wyatt unspanked. I'm going to tell Kyle that's my take on it. If he still insists, I'll give him a birthday spanking-style spanking.


AFinch wrote:  I, in fact, colluded in it, according to the scenario.

The way I read it, you only found out about it afterwards, and you did lecture the boys about it, so more condone than collude - at least to me.

Having said that, I'm going to explain to Kyle that I can only be responsible for him, and he's responsible for following my rules. Sometimes life isn't fair. I'm going to assume that Wyatt knows his father's rules, and still chose to participate and to be honest. He must have thought it was worth it. I'm sorry his father seems unreasonable to everyone else, but I don't think the solution lies in asking me to be unreasonable as well.

If he really feels strongly about that issue, I'll tell him to ask Wyatt to spank him, because I'm not going to.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I think I'm going to call up the other dads to arrange an asshole intervention with Wyatt's dad. I really don't think spanking the other boys is going to make Wyatt happy.



Tellingly the "victim" herself found it funny. Birthday type swats are definitely as far as I would go. There was no vandalism and they cleared up. I will tell my son that I cannot answer for Wyatts Dad. Wyatt is very unlucky but my son and hi friends are not responsible for Wyatt joining in probably with a good idea of how his Dad might react


Reckon the group now have a nickname for Wyatt's Dad - "Twerp" Smile

Poor Wyatt - I'm amazed his Dad would even let him go on a sleepover.

Best suggestion I've seen so far is for the rest of the gang to offer to let Wyatt spank them. But if they do they'd best make sure he doesn't tell his Dad!!


Two wrongs do not make a "right."  Kyle did nothing wrong and I am not going to spank him.

What I am going to do is invite Wyatt's parents round for either dinner or a "get to know you drink"  Then during the course of social conversation ensure they learn that Wyatt has become accepted by a "decent but sometimes mischievous" group of friends who are all liable to be spanked if things go too far.  I will ensure the flocking incident (without a mention of Wyatt's spanking) crops up as one of their harmless pranks, as will the collusion of Jonah's dad, and the laugh Mrs Stevens had over it.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a productive meeting and I will both get an insight into character of Wyatt's parents  and reassure them that their son has not fallen in with a wrong crowd.

David M. Katz

I will give my ditto to Memory Man.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

BTW, this is an actual prank. (Flamingo Flocking)

I got the idea because it happened to Isaac The Mop's house.  His girlfriend and some of her friends flocked his lawn.  Surprisingly his uptight mother actually thought the prank was "cute and funny."

Except for some absolutely undetectable holes in the lawn the prank is harmless and very easy to clean up. Depending on the number of birds used, clean up is also not very time consuming.

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*NOT a picture of The Mop's lawn.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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