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BOTD 06-25-2016 Alcoholic Remorse - A Memory Man Production

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A Memory Man Production

You are proud of your son Landon who has recently passed his 18yr milestone.  He's always been a pretty good kid.  He responded well to his boyhood spankings which seldom needed reinforcement.

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When he entered his teens you had a talk with him telling him he was too big to go over your lap anymore and produced the strap that had warmed your own teenage tail on a number of occasions.  Warning him that he would be dropping his pants to that in future, you gave it him to store in his socks drawer as a reminder.  You've only needed to use two or three times, the last occasion was when he was fourteen.

Landon is an accomplished swimmer and after winning two gold medals at a gala last weekend he went out to the pub to celebrate with his friends.  

Unfortunately the celebration went pear shaped and he ended up spending a night in the cells - drunk and incapable.  The police didn't charge him but have let him out with a caution.  You brought him home suffering the father and mother of all hangovers and he took straight to his bed.
You went on to work but, with the resilience of youth, Landon was about when you came home; he even managed some dinner before going back to his room.  He was looking so embarrassed that you judged this wasn't the moment to discuss the matter.

Later that evening he reappeared carrying his strap.  "Sorry about last night dad and the worry I caused you and Mam; thanks for being so understanding about it, but I think I need this."  He added pushing the strap at you.

You demurred.  "I think that raging hangover you had together with a night in the cells has taught you a strong enough lesson."

Landon started to become distraught.  "Dad! Don't you UNDERSTAND.  You've always taught me to be my own man yet last night I just sat and swigged everything they bought me.  Now I'm on police record.  I've let myself down; I've let you and Mam down too and it makes me feel like SHIT.  

Dad!..... I NEED THIS."

How do you respond?  

Will his pants be coming down for a (hopefully final) rump roasting?

Can you dig it?


If "discipline" means "instruction given, teaching, learning, knowledge" then Landon has already learned his lesson. I don't see that strapping him is going to contribute to that knowledge.

On the other hand, if he "needs it" for emotional catharsis, and he's asked for it, I'm inclined to oblige him--though I'm going to make sure he understands not every problem can be remedied with a sore bottom.

David M. Katz

I am stealing Kier's reply. Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I also think Kier has summed up the situation well. If he really needs to feel the strap to make him feel he has paid the price then do it.

Just make sure you remember how to do it properly after four years and ensure the strap does land on his butt. Smile


I still dont think it needs a strapping at 18. In the Uk at any rate the act of drinking itself would not be illegal and in the Uk right now a lot of boys (and girls) that age will be close to finishing up their last school exams and preparing for the pub crawl to end all pub crawls, especially after the headaches they suffer the next morning. As to landing in a cell. A pity he couldnt have just been allowed to leave with me after a cautionary word. Still it it is a caution , not a criminal record if my reading is right and their was no GBH as we call it. It won't wreck his life. That should be enough to put Landon on the straight and narrow. He's a good lad and he has clearly learned from this which makes a strapping pointless.


Stevie does not think that a strapping is indicated here...

Landon is now legally an adult ... he is treated as a man... he suffers adult penalties...

I'm not about to assuage his guilt by treating him like a child and that is that...

That is what I shall tell him... some time in the future we will have a little discussion about the possible consequences of binge drinking, both legal and health wise, but tonight is not the time and all...


(even though Stevie would really like a last chance to see the gorgeous bottom naked and all)


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I don't know enough about the situation to give a fair answer, but I'll rely upon what Square has said.

My understanding is that they didn't charge him - only took him on 'on suspicion' so to speak. He's already mostly recovered, it doesn't sound like anything went bad today because of it, and he won't have a record. Now he understands the things that can happen, and he also has a better idea of his own limits.

If, after that discussion, he still needs a few stripes - I don't have any moral objection about giving them to him. He'll just have to convince me that his reasons he needs one are better than my reasons why he doesn't.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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