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BOTD 06-30-2016 Naughty Nephew - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

Felix is your eleven year old nephew and he is your little brother's son.  You and Felix are very close.  Felix is staying with you for two weeks this summer while his parents take a cruise.  You and Felix have a lot planned during his stay and both you and he are excited.

Some family history:  Your father believed in and used spanking with both you and your little brother.  You have two now adult sons but used spanking with them while they were growing up.  Your brother has no aversion to spanking and actually thinks it can be an effective punishment at times but Felix is not spanked.  The spanking prohibition is based on strongly held beliefs by your sister-in-law. If Felix needs to be punished then he receives highly restrictive periods of being grounded.

Two days in to Felix's visit he messes up royally and ends up with a curfew violation, some deliberate lying and a significant safety violation.  You personally feel Felix needs a spanking and you know your Dad would have worn you and your brother out had you all done this (and you both did and your Dad did spank you both.) Either of your sons would have ended up with very sore butts for this.  Out of respect for Felix's mother's wishes you tell Felix he is grounded to your house through the weekend (five days.) Felix is very disappointed (as are you) as he was looking forward to doing the many fun things you had planned. Felix was down but accepted your decision and went on to bed.

This morning Felix comes to you and asks, no begs, you to spank him and to lift the grounding.  He says he knows what spanking is all about from talking to his dad and his friends.  He says he knows it will really hurt but he wants to be able to do the fun things you had planned.  Felix promises that his mother won't find out and he says his dad won't care. You actually still have the hair brush that your father used on you and your brother and that was passed to you for use on your boys.

FELIX - 11
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Do you give Felix a spanking in lieu of being grounded?  If you do then does the old hair brush come out of storage?

Can you dig it?

Y Lee Coyote

How about when in Rome do as the Romans do philosophy.

Unless there been a promise to his mom from me -- follow the family tradition.

He probably be an angel the rest of the time.



I agree with Y Lee. Unless there has been a specific proscription against spanking by my SOL, Felix can follow the family tradition and we can get on with HIS holiday. And since he's never ever been spanked, I think the palm of my hand will more than suffice. The brush can stay where it's been kept.


Editor Extraordinaire
As much as I'd like to acquiesce, I'm afraid that sooner or later my sister-in-law will find out, and when she does, all hell will break loose. I don't want to put Felix or myself in the position of having to lie; and from a practical standpoint, an 11 year old probably isn't very good at keeping up a lie. What I will do is give Felix a one-day grounding that involves helping me with some tasks. That way we don't lose any of our time together, though one day of that time will be spent on non-recreational activities.




Felix may well blub, but I don't think he'll blab Smile

If he does I'm willing to take the flak from SiL - should it ever happen.

I agree about it being a hand spanking though as opposed to the brush. Once that's been delivered and absorbed we can get on with the fun things we've planned.

Y Lee Coyote

I owe it to Felix to do my duty and spank him, SIL not withstanding.

Felix needs to get a real spanking because his father has taught (with his boasting) him that real boys get spanked -- like he did and everyone else n the family.

Like all boys, he wants his father to be proud of him.  Perhaps high grades can trade off for being the captain and scoring the winning whatever or vice versa but being a wimp ... well ...


P.S. And with the brush too albeit in moderation.


I think a spanking means felix will be abe to move on. so Just this once I might risk a little deceception on S_i_L. I will flip Felix over my lap and give him a handspanking. I think if Felix is the kid I think he is it will go no further an probably with at least 5 days to go there will be nothing for his Mom to see. For a first spanking I dont think Felix needs the brush to learn a good lesson


I'm kinda with Kat on this....

I will try to call the parents but if I can't then he will be restricted but I will telling his parents on return that after this I will be no longer be the babysitter if we can't come to a better solution as I did not use restiction with my own due to having to also stay with them and be restricted myself....

Hugs kal


Honestly, I think I would have let SIL know that if Felix acted up, he'd get spanked. If she doesn't like it, she can find a babysitter for two weeks while she's on her cruise.

Really, it depends on a lot of things I just don't know - my relationship with her, why she's against it, and what's been said to me about it. I think I'll spank him and let SIL know about it. On the other hand, I may work some kind of restriction or alternate punishment. I just know that I'm not cancelling my plans for us.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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