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BOTD 07-06-2016 Naughty Nick - A Memory Man Production

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Naughty Nick
A Memory Man Production

Both you and your wife were raised in "Spare the rod ........etc." households and after she gave birth you agreed that this was not the way you would bring up your child.  Now your son Nick is approaching his tenth birthday and is still a spanking virgin.

Nick is also quite a handful, serially disobedient and disrespectful, and today he has excelled himself;  he sneaked out whilst grounded to attend a friend's birthday party.  "I'd already promised I would go." was his lame excuse.

You sent him to his room and on discussing his latest escapade you both agreed that this was the final straw and it was time to end your moratorium on spanking.  You made your way to his room with a heavy heart, fully aware that to be effective you had to make his inaugural spanking memorable.  On entering his room your resolve was reinforced when you found him lounging around smirking, complacently expecting another boring lecture and a likely extension to his grounding, blissfully unaware that his life was about to change.

Nick - 9
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But what makes "Memorable"?  Although you have some distant memories of your Dad's paddle and razor strop, and of your mother's wooden spoon you are, at the moment, a virgin spanker.

It will be bare and otk as you got it at his age; but you've never invested in a paddle and you use an electric shaver, so will your hand suffice or should you improvise an implement?

Will it be short sharp rapid fire? your mother's technique ..... or longer lasting, the way your father wore you out as he went on (and on and on) to stoke the fire in your rump up to reach an unbearable level.

Can you dig it?


I will say nothing and turn around and go get in my car and drive away. I am sure I can find a suitable strap or paddle for sale within the hour!

I will buy st least 1 or 2 suitable implements and return home. I will demand that nick strip and I will say: "I can hardly wait to try these out on your bare butt!"

If Nick resists I will test both implements!



I'm honestly not sure why we're changing our minds now, nor that this is the best way to do it. Yes, what he did was wrong, but is it really right to drop this on him?

In this case, since the decision has been made, he and I are going to have a discussion about trust and responsibility, and the fact that he's not willing to work with us and try to correct his behavior, so something else needs to be done.

Since Nick is only 9 years old, I see no reason to use any implement at all. If that's actually how he's dressed, he can come out of the shorts and go over my knee, and I'm sure my hand will make a very vivid impression on him.

Later, we can talk about rules and expectations, and I'll introduce him to the new wooden kitchen paddle, which will not be used for the kitchen.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Jack.

David M. Katz

I wish we would have discussed this beforehabd but here we are. No implement needed this time.

It looks like my answer is a ditto to Jack.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


At that age and for the first (and unexpected time) my hand will be sufficient to make a good impression.


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Jack in questioning the wisdom of this decision. I'm going to say also that effective disciplining without corporal punishment is possible; furthermore, the use of corporal punishment doesn't ensure effective discipline. Clear communication, consistency, and proportionality in consequences are what matter, IMO. Spanking isn't a panacea: if I'm a poor disciplinarian without the use of spanking, adding it to the toolbox will not magically transform me into a good one. Before I go into that bedroom and take my frustration out on Nick, I'd better address how and why I'm failing as a parent.

I might still decide that spanking will be a useful tool in Nick's discipline. Perhaps he is an active child who suffers more from enforced inactivity than he would from the more immediate physical pain of a spanking. Perhaps the parents of his friends use spanking, making him a bit of an outsider.

The only way I can see a spanking happening today, though, is if he agrees to accept it as an alternative to the usual consequence. I can't just make up the rules as I go. Doing so will only add to Nick's discipline problem and harm our relationship.

If I've met all my conditions for spanking Nick today, it will probably be over the knee and with my hand. However, he's old enough to have some input. If he prefers a more formal punishment with him bent over, I'll use an implement -- probably a doubled-over belt, as I doubt I'd have a paddle in the house. Needless to say, I'd use any implement with a good deal of restraint in consideration of his age, size and lack of experience with physical punishment.



Ditto jack....

Hugs kal


For a first timer at 9,  on the bare butt over my lap with my hand will be quite enough sting and shock. As to method, I think every 2 or 3 seconds, to let the one be felt and still felt when the next swat arrives. The last couple might be a little heavier. We will be talking about his both before and after

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