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BOTD 07-12-2016 Big Brother's Help - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You have two sons:  Greg is fourteen and Gary is eleven. Both boys get along well and have a close relationship.

GREG - 14 & GARY - 11
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*Picture courtesy of ivor

A couple of facts about your sons:
1.  Greg "watches" Gary for a couple of hours every day after school until you make it home from work.
2. Gary has had a difficult year at school this grade behaviorally.  Nothing is seriously egregious and is mostly things like being tardy and overly talkative in class and forgetting basic classroom rules. Cumulatively the behaviors have become an issue and have earned Gary several detentions.  Normally you let the school handle such things but finally told Gary he was in for a serious spanking if he got another detention.

This happened two days ago and is unknown to you:
Gary got another detention for being late to his music class (he spent too much time beforehand socializing with friends) and then was running in the hall trying to make it on time.  Gary got a detention notice from school for you to sign.  (No, the school is not up on modern times and does not use email notification.) Gary was bemoaning the situation with Greg who offered to help. Greg forged your signature on the detention notice and then the next day covered for Gary while he stayed after school.  The boys thought all was well.

Today the principal called you at your office.  The principal thought the signature on the detention notice looked suspicious and compared it to others that were on file. You tell the principal you had no knowledge of the detention or the notice.  You are told Gary will have a detention the next day for the forged note.

You confront Gary when you get home and he says he forged the note. (He is trying to protect big brother.)  Greg overhears the conversation and comes clean about his role in the matter.

How do you sort it all out?

Can you dig it?


I commend Greg for trying to help his little brother. I admonish Gary for the misbehavior and detention. He's already got that detention, so the school IS handling it.

I'm going to make sure both boys know that dealing with behavior issues is MY job, not Greg's, regardless of his good intentions (you know, the ones with which the road to hell is paved). I'm going to tell them that their grandfather would have seriously worn me out had I done that and let them worry about that for a minute.

And then I'm going to tell them they're getting a one time pass, but if it happens again....


I have to assume that Greg knows what a 'serious spanking' amounts to and was trying to protect his little brother.

I rather suspect though that Gary is going to find himself doing the same thing again in the not too distant future unless I at least give him a foretaste of what will happen if he does. Basically this time he has just received the normal punishment from the school and no consequences for the forged note - even if he wasn't the forger but simply the passer.

Both boys can go to their room and strip down. I will deliver a 'normal' spanking to both and reiterate my warning to Gary.


I hate this kind of blanket admonition, because it's just too broad. I don't mind promising a spanking for one specific type of behavior, but it sounds like Gary's problems are more general. As a matter of fact, considering his age, he's probably just moved up from being marched from place to place in line with all the other kids, to being responsible for getting himself where he needs to go. However, this case has arrived, so...

I'm going to do is take Gary to his room, put him over my lap, and give him a thorough warm up on the seat of his shorts. Then I'll sit him up, hug him, and we'll talk about why he's having so much trouble and try to find a way to fix it.

Then he's getting -- probably a deluxe session with the Tailblazer.

As for Greg, I can appreciate him wanting to help and protect his little brother, but these are things Gary has to learn to deal with, and shielding him from the consequences isn't helping the behavior. I'll point out that forgery is illegal, so he probably should be getting switched, but since he didn't gain anything from it, and since I don't think he meant to hurt anything, judging from the picture, I think he's just going to get a couple of swats on his boxers.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


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I'm going with Ivor. As much as I'd like to let both boys off, I think on this one I have to follow through, having made the promise to Gary. Greg needs to learn that there are boundaries he mustn't cross in protecting his younger brother. A standard spanking for both seems right. I really don't want to make punishments for something like being late to class so severe that I tempt the boys to deceive me.



I'm with Ivor too.

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I side more with Jack's take though I'd be harder on Greg - after all if he'd not agreed to cover up, Gary wouldn't now be in further trouble.

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