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BOTD 7/22/16 "The Teacher From Hell" A Stevie Production

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David M. Katz

A Stevie Production

You have a very bright, scientifically minded son named Alex... he managed to come in first in last year's citywide science fair in competition with dozens of other schools... and you are very proud of him.

Your son, 12 year old Alex
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Unfortunately, this year he has landed the teacher from hell... stupid, arrogant, and in your opinion, completely unsuited to teach anybody, let alone your gifted son.

You and your son both despise Mr. Hilliker - you have, of course, faithfully attended parent teacher interviews - and you have, rather unfortunately, allowed Alex to see that you share his opinion of the man.

Today, Alex has come home with a note from the teacher and a detention.

This is the note:
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How do you respond to this?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I will instruct Alex, in writing, that he should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE attend the detention on Friday or any other day!


David M. Katz

OK, it is just a detention and it is doubtful any permanent record is being made of the action. I will attempt to intervene with the principal but if Alex ends up serving detention it won't be the end of the world. I would say that my son does need to learn more diplomatic ways of handling these type of situations but he is only 12. He has not technically done anything wrong (he was just misplaced in his handling of it) and I have obviously added fuel to the fire with my candor about the idiot teacher. So, yeah, I don't want him to be punished for this but an hour after school won't scar him for life.

The bigger issue is this idiot teacher from hell.

What I will do is meet with the principal and if there is another science teacher available then I will demand that Alex be moved to that class. If not, and if science is not a required part of his curriculum for this term/year, then I will ask he be moved to some other course. (Also, if he is as gifted as I think he is, then being bumped up to a higher grade for science may be an option.)

If we are stuck with this teacher from hell then I need to begin petitioning the administration and the board to have this teacher removed / retrained (but he probably has tenure and it would be easier to stop the sun from rising.)

If all else fails then I need to teach Alex how to properly disagree without being disagreeable.

No punishment from me and if he lands in detention then so be it.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Two things need to happen . While I will commiserate wit Alex about the teacher he does need to learn to suck this up. Like the Army or US Presidents you respect the position even if you can't respect the person holding it. May be I need to learn this too!
I am however going to present the Principal with this prime example of this Mans unsuitability for his position. Science is important and Alex needs to continue with it and he needs a teacher who can actually teach him something so I will insist that Alex be moved into a different Science class since it is clear that he and this man will likely continue to butt heads

Y Lee Coyote

Adam has serious problem with English as well as simple measurements.

Since there is not any doubt that the lad was right as explained in the letter, there are other incorrect words.  He did not 'contradict' but 'corrected'.  In all STEM subjects the test is TRUTH and argument and discussions are part of the process.  This was not 'defied' the teacher but engaging in the proper scientific process.  Surely this simple fact could have been checked with simple look up or even better by computation.  Gosh, a fourth grader could have done 1000 km = 1100 yards = 3300 feet -- a lot less than a mile of 5280 feet -- in his head.

"Curriculum" is also an incorrect word for it does not mean the content of the course.

Was this outrageous error corrected in class along with an apology to the correct lad?  If not, there is good cause to challenge Adam's teaching licence.

I'm unhappy that Alex was rude but he was provoked by a even ruder arrogant teacher.

If the Principal can't correct this post haste, then the school board is going to have to explain publically when this letter is published in the local newspaper and brought up at the PTA meeting. 

I suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes.

I better stop before I rant to much.



Actually, we don't know how Alex was behaving at first, only that he 'contradicted' Mr. Hilliker when he first made the statement. Rather than correcting himself or at least checking, Mr. Hilliker drove the argument. Alex was behaving with good faith in trying to prevent his friends from being taught incorrect information. The fact that this idiot actually put the information in writing rather proves my opinion of him, and I'll now be working to have him dismissed before he corrupts any other students with his lack of intelligence (or care).

Teachers are human. They make mistakes. This goes WAY past that and isn't acceptable, especially not when he reacts to his mistake by punishing the person who pointed it out.

I'll be quoting the Red Queen at this time.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Jack and Y Lee. Alex will NOT be serving this detention. If the administrator won't see reason, I'll go to the Superintendent of Schools, the school board, and as far as the State Superintedent and the Press. Failing that, we'll change schools or I'll home school.

There is plenty of injustice in the world, and one needs to learn, sometimes, to suck it up. In this case, I'm not having Alex learn to accept information he knows is incorrect as "true", and be punished for challenging it. This is hard science--1 and 1 (base ten) will always equal two, and a kilometer will always be approximately 5/8 of a mile--that isn't open to theories or projections or modeling or hockey stick graphs. There'll be plenty of time for those later on, hopefully for someone more competent than Mr. Dimwit.


Mr Hiliker needs to take a hike to the hills.

I've got some stuff here to help him on his way, but I'm afraid he'll still be two sandwiches short of a picnic.


Ditto, Y Lee, Jack & the doc.

The note is damning evidence if the matter needs taking further.


Editor Extraordinaire
Is it coincidence that Adam Hilliker and Adolph Hitler share the same initials? I think not. Razz



Alex is in trouble Twisted Evil Not even a teacher from hell could come up with this - ergo, he has fabricated this letter himself, to see if I buy it.

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