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BOTD 7/24/16 "Do You Make A Bad Day Worse?" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Kyle is your thirteen year old son.  Mrs. Graves is your crotchety busy-body next door neighbor.  Mrs. Graves doesn't like Kyle (or any kid for that matter) and, because Mrs. Graves is clear about how she feels about Kyle, he doesn't like her.  You tolerate Mrs. Graves only to the point of keeping up the appearance of some sort of peaceful neighborly relationship but you do suspect that many dictionary publishers seek her photo to place next to the definition of "bat." Kyle has not been as graceful and seems to get into some kind of verbal altercation with Mrs. Graves quite often.  Finally you have had enough and tell Kyle in no uncertain terms that he is not to interact with Mrs. Graves, go on her property, or agitate her in any way under threat of a spanking.

This past weekend, Kyle sneaked in to Mrs. Graves yard late in the evening and did a bit of mischief.  He knocked over her garbage cans and threw some rolls of toilet paper around.  Fortunately nothing was seriously damaged; there was just a mess.  Being the good neighbor that you are you helped Mrs. Graves clean her property the next day.  Mrs. Graves was certain that Kyle was the culprit but such things were out of character for Kyle but you did feel you had to ask him.  Kyle has never lied to you before and so when he swore he was innocent you considered the issue closed and told Mrs. Graves as much.

Kyle has gone off to school today and you are having a rare day off when Mrs. Graves is banging on your door.  You open the door and she thrusts a memory stick in your hand. It seems the neighbor on her other side has a video surveillance system and the system just happened to catch part of Mrs. Graves property.  The other neighbor was reviewing the camera footage when he saw Kyle dumping over Mrs. Graves' trash cans.  He gave the evidence to the old bat who is now giving it to you.  You view the footage and the evidence against Kyle is undeniable.  You apologize to Mrs. Graves and tell her you will handle it.  You intend on giving Kyle the promised spanking and then have him apologize to Mrs. Graves.  You decide you will handle things as soon as Kyle gets home.

KYLE - 13
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Meanwhile at school Kyle has a horrible day to the point that his name should have been Alexander. Kyle gets pantsed in PE when another kid yanks his shorts down in front of everyone.  Kyle read the wrong chapter in his history book and therefore failed a pop quiz.  Right in the middle of his music class Kyle's thirteen year old voice betrays him just as it is his turn to sing a solo part making him the butt of many jokes.  Kyle trips over his own feet at lunch and drops his tray to a standing ovation of the other students in the cafeteria.  In Kyle's English class, a substitute from the Friday before had given his name to the teacher as being disruptive - it was a mistake and it was only a confession from the guilty party that saved Kyle from detention.  After school Kyle's "girlfriend" broke up with him.  On the way home from school Kyle had a flat tire on his bike and had to walk most of the way pushing his bike. As soon as Kyle walks in the door he bursts in to tears.

You sit down with Kyle and let him have a good cry and listen to him tell about his horrible day.

OK, do you make his bad day worse?  (He is already crying. Twisted Evil  )

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I wil remind Kyle that today there may be video cameras anywhere and I will ask that he be more careful when pranking the old bat!

I will then take Kyle to the store, at least 50 miles away, and buy him a black coverall as well as a full head skeleton mask which will conceal his identity even if photographed! Naturally I will only pay cash for these items!

I will also remind Kyle that he did not get these items from me!!



It sounds like Kyle has already had a more than sufficiently bad day.

When he has settled down, we are going to talk. I'm going to point out that, as far as I know, he has never lied to me before. I'm going to tell him about the incontrovertible evidence that he was the mischief maker in Mrs. Graves' yard last week, rather than trying to trip him up. Like Icono, I'm going to remind him that in a world where surveillance is ubiquitous, "pranking" people may have long reaching consequences. Unlike Icono, I'm not going to show him how to defeat such surveillance, or even suggest that doing so is a good idea.

I'm going to ask why he felt the need to lie to me now, and point out that he's going to have to earn back my trust. I'm going to tell him that the only reason he's not getting the promised spanking is because he has already had a miserable enough day (even though his misery has nothing to do with the issue at hand). My mother would have couched it in terms of "God has punished you for that" via the bad day--I'm not sure I'd go along with that, but I'll make clear that his "get out of jail free" card is only due to extraordinary extenuating circumstances--and should it happen again, I don't care how awful a day he's had, he'll get the promised spanking.


I'm pretty much going along with Kier. I'll try not to lay on too heavy of a guilt trip, but I hope he knows I helped clean his mess. Like Icono, I will warn him seriously of why things like this shouldn't be done, and of the potential legal problems. I'm also going to investigate our laws about recording someone who's not on your property without their knowledge or consent.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


It would have to be a spectacularly bad day to save Kyle but I agree with Kier. He has had one. It wont save Kyle from hearing my expression of disappointment at his lie though and this will be one time only pass.



Should everything else that has gone wrong today affect the intended punishment for the previous offence?




Will everything else that has gone wrong today affect the intended punishment for the previous offence?


Almost certainly, yes.


Editor Extraordinaire
K Club. I wonder if Kyle's bad conscience has, in fact, affected him and in a roundabout way caused the bad day. In any case, sometimes mercy is a better choice than justice. I won't be piling on.



He disobeyed me, broke the law, and then compounded his faults by telling me a bundle of outright lies...

I can't let this pass...

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Do I make Kyles bad day even worse?

No, I don't think so. I think today has been an example of karma and day seems to have given him more than enough punishment to equal the spanking he had earned. If Mrs Graves asks, and she probably will, I can tell her in complete honesty that his pants came down and I had him in tears when he got home. I would probably throw in a few withering or disgusted looks is she seems happy about that.

It is not just a case of being merciful. In his current state I doubt giving him the promised spanking would really be effective. It would just reinforce his feelings of being put upon and victimisation. Also, what it is the point of calming him down just to get him worked up in state again?

Of course the incident will not be overlooked. When Kyle is sufficiently calmed down I will explain about the evidence that shows that he was responsible, and how disappointed with him, as much for giving the Mrs Graves the satisfaction of being right and able to pin something on him, and that if there is a next time he can expect that promised spanking with interest. The only reason he dodge the bullet today was because the world had a hit with salvo already.

Finally, what to do about Mrs Graves? It might be a forlorn hope but I would urge Kyle to "Rise above it, darling dear buddy, rise above it!". Don't stoop to her level, or rise to her bait. Ignore her as much as possible, and being as polite and circumspect as possible when she can't be ignored. That will probably annoy her almost as much but give her no reason to complain and she her up badly.

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