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BOTD 07-28-2016 Bare-Faced Cheek! An Eldo Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Bare-faced cheek
An Eldo Production

You and your son Blake are in the middle of a holiday. It is the height of summer and, after several months of saving, you've been able to ensure that you and your significant other are able to take your son to a summer trip.

Your destination, however, is not without a downfall. That is, it's hot. Real hot. In fact, it's currently the hottest summer on record. The hotel is sweltering. The town is roasting. People are cooking breakfast on the hoods of their cars, that's how hot it is. So yeah, it's pretty warm.

This has lead to some issues. You have read in the papers that several people, including teenagers, have been arrested and charged for public indecency. Inquiring further, you find out that this came down to several boys stripping off their clothes due to the heat. You are not at a nudist resort, and the as the area is both heavily populated the police have issued a warning that people should dress 'appropriately but not lewdly'.

However you feel about this warning and the issues that it may bring up, you have informed Blake of this and told him to keep within the police warning. He wasn't involved and has no history of streaking or anything similar, but you'd just as much prefer to avoid any possible trouble that might crop up.

On Thursday, the temperature has hit its hottest yet and so you and your family decide to high-tail it out of the town and into the nearby wilderness. It isn't long until you get to a lake. You note that, on the way, a lot of other people seem to have had the same idea, eager to get some swimming in. Blake also seems to like this idea.

You park up and start to set up a picnic by the lakeside. There's nobody immediately around you that you can see, yet, but you're aware that it's likely to get quite busy as the day pushes on.

You look up from the picnic to check on Blake, and see this..

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You call over to him, and he turns and says "Relax dad, it's all cool. We're on holiday" and starts to wade back out into the lake for a swim.

What do you do?
(and, for ease of reference, you have a hairbrush in the glove compartment of your car. You keep it around in case Blake requires an attitude correction)

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
This one is easy. I'm going to take him over my knee, "dry him off" and hand him to Kat to......

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

No tan lines? This ain't Blake's first nude experience unless he frequents the tanning bed or private back yard in the nude.

I am going to let him skinny dip until someone else shows then I will toss him some trunks.

I see no reason to get the brush unless he refuses to don the trunks when needed.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Y Lee Coyote

I'll insist that he put on his swim suit and I'll put on mine and we go have fun!

That what vacations are for.



RE: Skater--"even him out".

I'm more inclined towards DMK and Y Lee--though. It depends a bit on how old Blake is. I believe in most of Europe, still--certainly when I was younger, naked boys swimming is the norm, not the exception it is in the puritanical US. If he's a pre-adolescent, I'm with Katz. If he's older, I'm with Y Lee. Either way, the hairbrush stays in the glove compartment.


Editor Extraordinaire
Skater wrote:This one is easy. I'm going to take him over my knee, "dry him off" and hand him to Kat to......

Even him up!

Considering the warning, I don't think I can let him off altogether. Maybe it's time to end this holiday in Hell, though, and find some place with air conditioning.



Skater wrote: There's nobody immediately around you that you can see, yet, but you're aware that it's likely to get quite busy as the day pushes on.

He can continue his swim for now, but if someone comes in sight he will put his trunks on.

On the other hand, since he is still comfortable being nude in front of his parents he has probably not reached puberty yet, so nobody will really care, at least at our side of the big pond.


Presumable the wilderness is still within the boundaries of the town? Have to assume it is or the same rules won't necessarily apply.

That apart I go along with those who make it clear he can continue trunkless until someone else appears on the scene.

Mind you, there would be a temptation to see Skater & Kat go to work on him Evil or Very Mad


I will tell him to get his trunks on. He will not cool off any less than he would without them. No problem, If he complies.


I will do nothing, where we are is wilderness!


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