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BOTD 7/30/16 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have two sons:  Cameron is fourteen and Harper is ten. Both of your sons are subject to spanking if needed. The boys get along really well and Harper essentially idolizes his big brother.

School starts next week and Cameron needs a haircut.  Yesterday, you gave Cameron the needed funds and sent him off for his haircut.  Cameron returned home looking like this:

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You were not at all happy with the hairstyle Cameron selected.  You assumed he was going to get a traditional cut.  However, the style is not against the school dress code, Cameron did pay for the upgraded style out of his own money and you did not specifically forbid the look (you had no idea that you needed to) so you decided to endure the look until it is time for another cut.  You toll Cameron that, at that time, in no uncertain terms that he would be getting a "normal" hairstyle.  Cameron is fully aware that you do not approve of his chosen "do."

Today, Cameron is watching Harper for you while you take some meetings in town.  You normally work from home but Cameron is very good to care for his little brother if you need to be away. You return home and find your youngest son looking like this:

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Cameron explains that Harper wanted a haircut too so he took him and treated him to one. (Note - it is not against Harper's school dress code either.)

Is anyone in trouble?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


When you assume, it makes an ass of u and me. Or so I was taught in grade school, when ass was considered a really naughty word. But I digress.

No, no one is in trouble. And I'd bet that the dye washes out with both boys anyway. If not, since it's not a violation of school rules, and since I didn't specify it was "forbidden", I think this is a battle not worth fighting.

If I really care, I'll make sure both boys know that in future, until they're adults, they are not to deviate from a "normal cut" without express permission. I think Cameron is an extraordinarily good big brother to spend his allowance money on a haircut for his little brother. I must be doing something right.


If Cameron continues to fund his and Harper's haircuts OK! But I will stop at Harbor Freight and but a hair clipper set for $9.95 and I will do their haircuts myself at a great saving of money!


Y Lee Coyote

No one is in trouble.  The less fuss I make about this the better especially since they are not in trouble at school.

Whatever they do with their hair is temporary -- certainly it will grow out in a short time if not wash out.

The one exception is for safety.  If they get to operate machinery where hair and ties can get caught and cause not so neat things like (as a National Film Board of Canada film once mentioned) "hamburger with teeth" then short is necessary.

It may let them work out some rebellion in a basically harmless way.



Editor Extraordinaire
I actually like the haircuts and color. Very Happy



No rules have been broken or will be apparently.

Cameron is 14 and bound to be fashion conscious. It would seem he is now going into an emo phase - there could be worse......

As for his brother, well let's just say Harper's Bizarre Very Happy and it seems 'Anything Goes'


This is money no object. Im left wondering though if Cameron actually did have a single Hair cut. I think if he needs one sooner than normal he can split the cost with me. (Funding Harpers hairdo was his choice and doesnt come into it.) Very generous of course but not what I'd have chosen for Harper. No ones in trouble.

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