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BOTD 8/5/16 "Busted At Breakfast" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your ten year-old son, Dawson, recently got a new video game and he loves it.  Dawson is only allowed to play his game on school nights when all of his homework is completed.

Yesterday evening Dawson told you he had completed his homework at school.  You asked to check it but Dawson said, since he finished it, he went ahead and turned it in.  Dawson has never been dishonest with you so you accept his explanation and let him play his game.

Dawson is up a bit earlier than normal this morning and has gone to the kitchen to get some breakfast.  You walk in and see:

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You ask what he is doing and he answers before thinking and says he is finishing up his homework. (The same homework that was supposedly done at school and turned in.)

What do you do?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I know what happened to me when I tried that at 10, before there were video games.

Dawson will be losing his game system for a week. I'm going to tell him that we will talk about what happened when he gets home from school. At that time, he can try to explain to me why he doesn't deserve a spanking for flat out lying to me. I'm also going to tell him that until he earns my trust back, I want to SEE his homework every night--he will not be permitted to "turn it in early".


Since this is a first time offense, I'm not going to go ballistic. Tyler will get spanked, and he will need to show me the homework before he can get his game system, but I'll also let him know that I'm exercising restraint (in sixth grade, my brother Ben had to do a homework sheet like my boys do, but he had to have it signed by the teachers).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

"Tonight I want to know how well received was this and your other homework at school today. Then I'll decide how to deal with you but don't expect me to trust what you tell me for some time after lying to me last night. You can forget about playing any video games on school nights for the rest of this term - I'll be keeping your gaming stuff under lock and key.

"If you come home with a sore bottom from school, I'll take that into account when I deal with your lying, but it won't save you entirely! Have a good day at school - oh, and take the note I'll write for your teacher with you. I'll know you've done that when she gives me a ring."

David M. Katz

Jack wrote:Tyler will get spanked

Apparently Dawson has a whipping boy. Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think taking the game system for a couple of days will make a sufficient impression on Dawson. For a ten year old, a couple of days is a long time. If this happens again, then I'll take the game system away for a longer period next time.This isn't the worst sort of lying, but I will insist on seeing completed homework for a few weeks until Dawson regains my trust. I think this is really less about lying, though, and more about putting responsibilities ahead of pleasure.



Dawson's up the creek!

(Sorry, couldn't resist that one)

As a real answer I'm going to go along with Kat. As this new game evidently means so much to him, being deprived of it for a few days will make more of an impression than a spanking.

Y Lee Coyote

Not to make light of the lying that has been correctly mentioned, I would like to point out that Dawson got up early and got to work on his homework all by himself.

Assuming he has sufficient time to finish before he has to leave for school then he is showing excellent time management skills, including get to sleep early.

It is far from clear that homework first is the best arrangement.

For now at breakfast time let him work and then some discussion this evening.  Definitely do NOT want to distract him from his school work at the moment nor leave him worrying all day at school.



I agree that Dawson will be facing a sore behind later and if his teacher doesnt like what, and I know from good experience what is likely to be a pretty half-baked assignment he can take the consequences of that as well. For the rest of term there will be no gaming till he shows me his completed work and it is done to the best of his ability. Ojh and no gaming for a week anyway

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