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BOTD 8/6/16 "Fresh Start?" A DMK Production

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1 BOTD 8/6/16 "Fresh Start?" A DMK Production on Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:06 pm

David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You are the assistant principal at the local middle school.  It is the first week of the new school year. You are responsible for most matters of discipline and you can use CP as long as a parent signs the waiver allowing it.  At the end of last school year one of the seventh graders pulled a prank.  The prank was harmless but did require a bit of time for cleanup and did mean the prankster would have been guilty of trespass. (A couple of classrooms were covered in disposable paper cups.) You never did find the guilty student.

Casey Adcock is now an eight grader who was a seventh grader last year.  Casey is a very likable boy and is a good student and good athlete.  Casey is popular with students and teachers both.  Casey can be a bit of a clown and you always suspected he was behind the prank from last year but never had any proof.  Casey occasionally appears before you for some minor problem.  You would have paddled Casey in some of those occasions but his mother would not sign the CP waiver and so he landed in detention every time you had to deal with him.

You are visiting the cafeteria and greeting students today when you encounter Casey.  Casey is his typical bubbly self and tells you he is going to do a better job of behaving this year.  You tell him you are glad to hear that.  Casey says his mother signed the CP waiver this year and he has heard bad things about your paddle. Casey then says, "I definitely won't be putting cups all over classrooms like I did last year."  You say, "I thought that was you but I could never prove it." Casey responds, "Yeah, that was really funny."

You move on but when you get back to your office you do check and Casey's mother has signed the waiver.

CASEY ADCOCK - 8th Grade ( 13 )
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Do you deal with last year's prank or does Casey get a fresh start?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


This is an instance where a statue of limitations should apply AND ALSO it would set a bad precedent if I punished any boy based only on information he provided without being warned of consequences if he told me of rules he may have broken!

So there will be NO punishment but I will thank Casey for telling me so that I need waste no effort looking for the perpetrator.

It is a new year and Casey gets a fresh start!


Y Lee Coyote

I tend to avoid 'me too' posts but Icon hit it on the head.

I will add that even if the statue of limitation hadn't taken effect, then the punishment should only be that what was possible then not now.



I agree with Icono and Y Lee.


'Nuff said...

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Stevie (the unwanted one)...


Editor Extraordinaire
I think Icono and Y are right. I still can't help but wonder if Casey's confession about the prank, combined with the information about the cp waiver, is an attempt to bait me into paddling him. If it is, I expect his promised good behavior won't last for long.



I agree with Icono on this. I will simply promise Casey to keep an especially close watch and remind him of his promise to behave better if he slips up...


I'm also falling into line.

But I do think Kat may have a point and perhaps Casey has come under some ribbing from his friends that whenever he misbehaves in school he only has to do detention - hence him persuading his Mom to sig the waiver.

Pi Beta

If I had thought quickly enough at the time, I should have responded by telling him to follow me so that he could inspect the paddle. In my office, however, that is all I would have let him do; I wouldn't then have used it on him, even if he asked me for a trial.

Once term is over - and certainly once the school year is over, I don't believe in revisiting the misdemeanours of the previous term/year, especially when I did have time to do my investigations, however unsuccessful. The only time I might be prepared to revisit a crime would be something like serious bullying or cheating, but even then I would probably not impose punishment other than perhaps putting him under review.

10 Re: BOTD 8/6/16 "Fresh Start?" A DMK Production on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:16 am


I don't agree with Icono about using Casey's confession. It's not a trial, and I expect my students to be open and honest.

Having said that, I think the cups was a minor prank with no real damage done, and I don't see any reason to make a big deal out of it at this late date.

I do wonder how long it'll be before Casey ends up in my office. I have the feeling he wants to be able to confirm those 'bad things' he's heard about my paddle.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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