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BOTD 08-11-2016 Does Puddle Lead to Paddle? - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Does Puddle lead to Paddle?
An Ivor Production

You run a small horse ranch outside of town. You have two sons, 15 year old Ron and 14 year old Simeon. Your brother lives in the city and has two sons of the same age , 15 year old Adam and 14 year old Josh. For many years his two boys have spent a large part of the summer with you as a chance to get out of the city and be free to have fun with their cousins.

Both you and your brother believe in spanking for misbehaviour and his boys have been spanked by you on several occasions. In their younger days that was by hand but now you use a paddle on bare butt.

The last couple of days have been very wet and the four have been confined to the house. Amazingly they have survived their 'imprisonment' without giving cause for a paddling, although it has got close....

Today has dawned bright and sunny and the boys have gone out. A couple of hours later you need to go and check on some horses in a far paddock and decided to go there on your quad bike, but find it missing. The boys are allowed to use it, but only with permission.

You can hear it in the distance and follow the noise. You come upon the boys unseen as they are making plenty of noise and take this video on your camera:

When they get back home are they in for a paddling after they've been hosed down?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I guess use the garden hose and then the spanking paddle

Can you dig it?


They took the four wheeler without permission. They could have been hurt. The quad will require at least an oil change. Hose them off, dry them off, and even them out.

David M. Katz

My only pause here is that I took time to video them and then waited to discuss it.  Does that make me somewhat complicit in any damages?

If I can resolve that part then I am with Kier.  Maybe I will mitigate the spanking and make it for using the quad without permission.

BTW, ivor, great title.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Ditto Kier


David M. Katz wrote:Does that make me somewhat complicit in any damages?

By the time you started taking the video, I think it was too late to stop anything.

I think I'm going to have the boys wait for me back at the house (depending on how time sensitive my errand was).

Once at the house, I'll wash the boys down - cleaning their clothes, then them. I'll have them clean the cycle, while I carry their clothes into the laundry. When I come back, I'll have the paddle with me, and we'll discuss the issues involved.

I don't think a real paddling is called for, but I do think they need a reminder of why they need to ask permission, as well as a discussion of why we should avoid obstacles like that. I tend to think just a reminder swat or two at most.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
They're toast.



The evidence is merely a black strip to me. Is there a link


It was there earlier Square, so no idea why it should suddenly disappear. Hopefully this will work:

Pi Beta

1. A long hosing down - first in their clothes, then bare and I hope the water is really cold from the hose.
2. They clean the quad bike, possibly while still bare if not in widespread public view.
3. If the quad bank needs a complete service as well as an oil they can either pay for this from their pockets or with the switches they can cut for taking it without permission.


The only thing that I see needs to be talked about is the asking permission... As for the quads they are made to be used like that and as long as they get them hosed off right away so the mud doesn't dry all should be okay...

We had our own quads as kids fun times.....

Hugs kal


Hmph. Well dont mind them getting filthy and all but taking the vehicle without permission... Clearly they need hosing down in cold water , then showers. A paddling for my two certainly but for the others it depends whether they knew the rules about permiission. They can then help clean the Quad Bike

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