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BOTD 8/14/16 "You Can't Make Me" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Your son, Devin, turned thirteen a couple of months ago.  Since then, and a few months before, Devin has been increasingly testing limits and has developed quite the 'tude over even the most simple requests.  You find Devin is much more willing to be defiant and outright disobedient since he crossed in to the teen years. You and your spouse try to be understanding knowing that a lot of this can be attributed to puberty and you have tried sitting Devin down and talking to him.  Despite that, Devin has been on the receiving end of more spankings than is typical for him.  You and your spouse often feel that you are at your wits end but you know that this too will pass.

This morning things seem to be going per routine.  Your spouse has left for work and you are getting ready while Devin is supposed to be getting ready for school.  You are ready to leave and expect to find Devin in the kitchen wolfing down a bowl of cereal but he isn't there.  You go up to his room to check on him and see:

DEVIN - 13
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Devin is not close to being ready and time is running short.  You tell your son that he needs to hurry so he won't be late to school and you won't be late for work as you drop Devin at school on your way to the office.

Devin responds, "I'm not going to school."

You ask if he is sick or if there is some other good reason that he needs to stay at home.  Devin responds that he is fine but he just doesn't want to go today. You tell Devin that staying home for no legitimate reason is not an option and to hurry and get ready.  The argument ensues of "I'm not going" and "Yes, you are." That is having no result and Devin is standing firm.  Time is really running short and you are sure you both are going to be late by now.  You make one more attempt and harshly tell Devin to get ready now.

Devin looks at you and says, "I told you I'm not going and you can't make me."


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm going to tell him that he is required, BY LAW, to go to school, and that I can indeed make him. I will give him a swat, and tell him unless he wants more, and to be very embarrassed into the bargain, he better get dressed NOW, or he's getting spanked and carried to school, dressed exactly as he is right now. (He needn't know that the school would send him home the second he arrived dressed like that in today's world, though in my day, no one would have blinked an eye).


"I don't have time to argue with you, Devin.  If you stay home, it's exactly like a sick day, and if you can't give me a good explanation when I get home this evening, you're going to get the brush AND be grounded.  If there's a problem, we need to talk about it.  And you'd best understand now that this is a one time deal.  Are we clear?"

Honestly, I would make time to sit down and talk to him and try to find out what's wrong, but many parents might not have that option.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
"I can't make you? Wanna bet, buddy? You have five seconds to start getting dressed or I'll make you wish you had."


David M. Katz

Maybe I can't make him BUT I can make his life hell.

1.  I will call the office and tell them I have a family issue and will be late.
2.  I will collect Devin's phone, game controllers, TV remotes, and laptop and any other "toys" he has laying around and those will be locked up in my closet.
3. I will call Ms. Olbat to come "babysit."  I haven't needed her in a while but she is always good on short notice.
4.  Devin will be paying for Ms. Olbat's services from his allowance.
5.  I will tell Devin he is in for the whipping (not spanking) of his life when I get home this evening.  He can stew on that for the day.  (I will stew on it too and will probably mitigate things a bit.)
6.  When Ms. Olbat arrives I will head off to work and leave Devin to "enjoy" his day off.

I am sure school will seem like a great idea come tomorrow.

Ms. Olbat
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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I reckon Katz has detailed Kat's "I'll make you wish you had". Smile

John Boy

Katz for the win.


"No, Devin, I may not be able to make you go to school... but Her Majesty's Government certainly can and all..."

Judicial Birching:

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Sentencing to an Industrial School:

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And other goodies such as reformatories or training ships and all...

Which is it to be, young man?


I too like Katz' s answer. Does Mrs Olbat have spanking rights? Embarassed

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