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BOTD 08-18-2016 You Told Him to Rest- A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Evan is your fourteen year old son and is still subject to spanking if needed.  Last year, when Evan turned thirteen, he took over caring for the lawn.  You assumed he would hate the chore but Evan actually enjoys it and makes sure, during the season, that the lawn gets weekly attention.  You can easily say you have the best looking lawn on the street thanks to your son.

This past Friday evening, Evan became really sick.  He had a fever of 102F (38.8C) and started vomitting and complained of stomach cramps.  You gave Evan something for his fever and nausea and he went to bed.  Saturday morning, he was feeling worse and the fever was up a little so you took him to an urgent care clinic.  Evan apparently has some stomach bug that is going around and will be fine.  He was given a prescription for something for nausea.  You all went home and Evan retreated to his bed.  Sunday morning saw a bit of improvement and Evan was able to keep down toast and Jello but he said he still felt weak and tired and so he spent another day in bed.

Sunday evening, when you delivered some more toast and Jello, Evan expressed sincere concern that he had been unable to take care of the lawn over the weekend. You told Evan not to be concerned about it that you had the afternoon off on Tuesday and you would take care of it for him then.

This morning, Monday, Evan still has a very low grade fever of 99F (37.2C) but he says his nausea is gone and he was able to keep juice and oatmeal down.  Evan says he still feels a bit weak and asks to stay home from school.  You think that is a good idea.  You tell Evan to stay in and rest.  When you leave for work, Evan is back in bed and sleeping.  You call at lunch and Evan is awake and says he is feeling better.  You remind him to stay in and rest and tell him to try some chicken soup.

You take off from work a bit early and come home and see:

EVAN - 14
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Evan is supposed to be inside and resting like you told him.

What do you do?

Can you dig it?

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
Praise him! He obviously feels better and is probably better outside than cooped up inside. He'd better not try to get off school tomorrow, however!


Ditto Pi. If he feels well enough to cut the grass, there is no medical reason he shouldn't do so.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going with the common sense answers of Pi and Kier. (Even if there were a medical reason for Evan to refrain from mowing the lawn, I doubt that punishment in any form -- and particularly corporal punishment -- would be helpful. It would only make him upset and more excitable.)



Evan be praised! Smile


Its very noble and not a matter for punishment but I will be taking Evan's temperature. I will say he's not obliged to finish if he gets tired.but like Pi he will know that unless theres a relapse it will be back to school tomorrow.

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