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BOTD 8/22/16 "Hunting For Trouble?" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You are the assistant principal at a private school. Part of your duties involve handling disciplinary issues. You have several options available to you up to and including CP. Your school allows students a mid-day break for lunch and free activities. Students are essentially allowed to free roam of the campus during the break. However, it is a strictly enforced policy that students no leave campus during the break unless signed out by a parent.

David White is a fourteen year-old eight grader. David is a good student ad athlete and is well-liked by both students and faculty alike. David has never been in any sort of trouble since he has been at your school which has been three years now.

David is caught up in Pokemon GO and, like other students, likes to hunt during mid-day break.

Today David got really involved in his hunt and inadvertently wandered off of school grounds and made it quite a distance before he realized the problem. David was significantly late returning to class because of his having wandered off of campus. His teacher referred him to you for the tardy. While discussing the issue with David he freely admitted as to why he had been tardy to class.

DAVID WHITE - 8th Grade ( 14 )
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Usually for a significant tardy issue you would assign a detention or an essay. Leaving school grounds is usually addressed with three paddle swats.

What sort of action is David facing from you? Do his honesty and the circumstances mitigate his punishment any? Do you address this as one infraction, two, or not at all?

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I think in this case, his honesty should work to his benefit, as should his clean record. David can choose which of the three sanctions he'd prefer to cover both offenses.



I think it's two offenses, and I don't think Pokemon Go is a very good reason for either of them.

Since he hasn't been in trouble before, and since he was  honest, he can choose his sanction as a reminder that one needs to be mindful of one's actions, even when hunting Pokemon.  We wouldn't want him to end up like one of those youtube people who text while walking and end up falling into fountains or worse. He's old enough to know that "I'm sorry" isn't always good enough.


In his favour - his excellent disciplinary record.

Against - the fact that I don't want other students being led astray by Pokémon Go.

I reckon a couple of licks should set an example which hopefully will deter others.


I think I would explain the situation and my feelings to David.

"You've never been in trouble before, but this seems like a major violation to me. You weren't just a few seconds tardy, and you totally lost track of what you were doing. Part of me feels like I should come down on you hard to make sure this doesn't happen again, and part of me feels like you were honest about what happened, so I should give you a break."

I'm going to listen to what he says, but I'm leaning towards a lunch time detention, making him miss his Pokemon time, and he can write an essay during that detention.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Ivor.. Two licks will be sufficient of a shock to the system for a well behaved boy so this wont happen again. Wer he not normally so well behaved then 3 swats and detention would be considered as lateness AND being off campus were involved

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