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BOTD 08-24-2016 Natural Consequences? A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You were not planning on getting your twin sons, Peter and Paul, cell phones until they turned thirteen.  However, you have no land line any more so the boys need a way to communicate and your carrier had a great package that would allow you to include the boys for little additional charge.  The boys just recently turned eleven and so they got phones for their birthday.  You live beside a small lake and there is a dock near your property.  The twins like to play around on this dock and along the lake.  You tell the boys that you do not want them taking their phones to the dock or the lake.

Today the boys went to the dock.  Paul did as he was supposed to do and left his phone at home but Peter stuck his phone in his pocket.  Peter took out his phone to take a picture and the thing you were concerned would happen did indeed happen.  Peter dropped his phone in the lake.

PAUL & PETER (Who is looking for his phone) Both 11
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You decide that the best punishment for Peter will be to experience the natural consequences of his actions.  You tell Peter you will not be replacing his phone.  You tell him that if he wants another phone then he will need to save allowance and try to hire himself out to neighbors for chores and buy it himself. Peter protests saying that it will "take him forever." Peter also says you are not being fair since Paul has a phone and he doesn't.

Peter then pleads with you to give him a spanking instead.  Peter says he will take a really hard spanking on his bare bottom if you will just please get him another phone.

Do you agree to his terms or do the natural consequences stand?

Can you dig it?


I think I would seriously have to re-think my policy on this one. My mother is significantly older than 11, and she's dropped phones in toilets, sinks, baths, and (yes, seriously) glasses of iced tea. The idea of having a phone to carry with you is that you carry it with you, particularly when it has a phone attached, and you want to take pictures.

Is this an expensive phone? If it is, why did I get it for an 11-year old (and why isn't it insured). If it's not, what's the big deal.

I probably should spank him for disobeying, but I then have to ask if they set out to go to the dock, or if they went out and ended up there.

While I have some problems with this, going by the way I've already set the rules, I think Pete's getting spanked for disobedience (not for losing the phone), and we'll negotiate some extra chores and an adjustment to his allowance to pay for the phone which I'm going to order for him right away.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with Jack. Along with a case that will allow the phone to tether, so it's not so easily dropped.

Y Lee Coyote

Why is not he diving and searching for the thing? You live by a lake and they should be able to swim like fishes.

Even if it is ruined, it not lost.



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I'll also go along with Jack, but the spanking won't be much of one.


John Boy

Ditto Jack


On the assumption that the twins are attached at the hip, I think I should see how they get on with just one phone between them.

Peter did disobey me, but if he is gong to be phoneless, even for a fairly short period, I reckon that is punishment enough.

Pi Beta

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I'm sticking with my original sentence - for long enough for him to think it is a "forever" sentence - probably about 2 weeks; then I'll relent but it will be the a phone with few add-ons; pretty basic, until he can show me ha can look after things better.


Stevie would never have bought a phone for an eleven year old in the first place...

In any case, he only carries one himself because 'Sammy' forces him to and all...


ok well the insurance may cover this. I will specify extra chores for a fortnight during which time Peter will not have a phone. He will learrn at 11 enough to to obey instructions another time If the boys are close anyway, Paul will probably be able to handle the communications issue for both of them. Then a new phone will be issued

I hope these are the cheapies on Pay as you go and not expensive smart phones btw. 11 year olds really don't need those

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