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BOTD 09-07-2016 Pennies (and other loose change) From Heaven - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

It is a busy weekend before a Monday holiday.  You are hosting a cookout and need several items from the local warehouse club.  You take your twelve year-old son, Alton, with you to help.  The club is absolutely packed with shoppers but, with Alton's help, you finally finish gathering what you need and it is now time to face the long checkout lines. You notice that the club is collecting donations for a national children's hospital charity when Alton asks about open umbrellas that have been suspended upside down over each checkout lane by what appears to be heavy duty fishing line.  The umbrellas are to hold loose change that customers toss in and is obviously a successful program as the umbrellas are quite full.

You arrive at the checkout and give Alton the loose change in your pocket and tell him to toss it in the umbrella. Alton starts jumping up trying to "dunk" each coin.  You have to tell Alton twice to stop his dunking attempts and to simply drop the coins in.  (The umbrellas come to about six feet above the floor and so Alton can easily reach high enough to drop his coins in.) You turn your attention to the cashier to pay.  

Suddenly you hear several people gasp and then you hear coins falling on the floor; in fact, several coins fall on you. Alton is standing in shock looking at the umbrella which is now broken and in the floor.  Loose change is everywhere and several customers and a supervisor have started helping collect the coins.  Alton did NOT heed your request to stop dunking and inadvertently snagged the umbrella mid-dunk pulling it to the floor.  You are embarrassed and rebuke Alton for not doing as he was told and remind him he is old enough to know how to obey.  You tell Alton to begin helping collect the spilled coins.

You finish paying and loading your purchases on a cart.  By now the supervisor has been able to get someone from maintenance with a broom to help. The supervisor assures you that everything is fine.  You offer to pay to replace the umbrella but you are told they were donated by a local bank and there are plenty of replacements. You grab Alton by the arm and help him stand and then tell him rather tersely to head to the car.

You and Alton are quiet as you both load the car but after the two of you are seated Alton asks if he is in trouble. You tell Alton that you need to collect your thoughts and calm down and that you will discuss it after you get home.

ALTON - 12
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You're home now . . .

Can you dig it?

Pi Beta

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He's in trouble, yes, but I'm not going to be spanking him. I think he will be exceedingly embarrassed at having been the centre of opprobrium for so many people. That embarrassment is likely to be acute.

I'm also highly embarrassed and there is a major danger that if I did spank him, it would be to take my embarrassment out on his backside.

Having virtually sent him to Coventry on the car journey home, he'll be fearing the worst, but I think I'll restrict his "punishment" to the embarrassment he's caused himself coupled with an instruction to write a detailed letter of apology to the firm. I hope he may also volunteer to give some of his allowance to the charity, but I won't suggest this - it is for him to think of this.

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I like Pi's approach to this matter. I think it will teach a more effective lesson than a spanking would.


"Should I go to my room, Dad?"

"Alton, how old are you?"


"How old am I?"

"I dunno. Old."

"Old, huh? Well, let me point out that, I may not be smarter than you, but I have seen a lot of things, and sometimes experience does make a difference. So when I tell you something, maybe believe that I have an idea what I'm talking about."

"I'm really sorry."

"I know you are, and that's why I'm not going to blister your butt this time, but let's not let their be a next time, okay?"

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going with Pi also. I'm a bit surprised the umbrellas haven't had multiple disasters.



I like Pi's approach.. The very public embarrassment will be enough.


Alton outa know better - and I'm pretty sure he will after this.

He hasn't done any real damage but he has brought considerable public embarrassment on himself and that should be sufficient.

David M. Katz

I agree with ivor who agrees with the general consensus.

**This is based on an actual event. I observed it this past weekend at my local Sam's Club. The only difference is that it was an entire family and the man and boy waited in line while the woman and younger girl went to the snack bar area. I heard no threat of a spanking or any other punishment. My best guess is that the kid's parents probably followed closely to your responses here. Sometimes the natural consequences of our actions can be the best teacher and the poor kid was absolutely mortified.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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